How Campfires work in Diablo 4 & how to find them

How Campfires work in Diablo 4 & how to find them
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28th Nov 2023 15:53

If you have been playing Diablo 4, or just firing it up for the first time, you will need to know how the Campfires work. If you’re a longtime player, you’ve probably interacted with a fire before, given it a little stoke, and decided to move on. However, there is a benefit to them.

Below, we will explain exactly what campfires do and why you shouldn’t ignore them in the game. We will also explain when you can expect them to appear, as they aren't always around.

How do Campfires work in Diablo 4?

Once you stoke a campfire, you will receive an XP boost for the coming event. The boost ranges between 1% and 15%, but you will need to stay near the fire for the duration of the event for the buff to work. If you go too far away, you will lose any buffs you had earned which would be a shame considering how big of a difference it can make.

Where to find Campfires in Diablo 4

The only place you will find a Campfire in Diablo 4 is before a Legion Event. These will occur on the World Map and take over a large portion of what you can see. Once the event is announced, you will have a two-minute window before it begins. Your goal, quite simply, is to kill as many enemies as possible to force the Overlord to spawn in.

These events are a great way of earning loot and gaining some levels. Before you begin, right where you enter, there should be a Campfire next to the Overlord who is currently just a red shadow.

That is all you need to know about Campfires in Diablo 4. We have plenty of other guides too, including how to check your playtime and how to beat Uber Duriel, all of this and more can be found on our Diablo 4 homepage.

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