Best Necromancer build in Diablo 4 Season 2 for levelling & endgame

Best Necromancer build in Diablo 4 Season 2 for levelling & endgame
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Harry Boulton


1st Nov 2023 16:56


Necromancers are incredibly powerful and are still one of the best classes in Season 2 of Diablo 4. They have dropped in the rankings just a little bit, as Rogue and Druid come out on top. That doesn't mean they aren't still powerful, though! 

If you want to know how to build your creepy little Necromancer, make sure to keep reading as we explain all of the best stats you need to focus on for the new season. The new season also brings around Vampiric Powers, which can add a boost to your powers should you choose to use them.

Here is how you build the Necromancer in Diablo 4 Season 2.

How good is the Necromancer in Diablo 4?

Looking at our tier list, the Necromancer has scaled back up to an A tier in solo content, and a B tier in group content. They are an incredibly strong class which can do a lot of damage and also have great survivability. 

Best Necromancer build in Diablo 4

Image of two Necromancers in Diablo 4
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This particular build that has come out on top is called the Infinimist build. This relies on having a constant uptime on Blood Mist through Decrepify and Lucky Hit bonuses for Corpse Explosion. While this build allows you to have great survivability and massive AoE damage, it does mean that you compromise on the speed that you kill bosses, and will be in the fights a bit longer than you may want.

As it stands, the Infinimist Necromancer build is still coming out on top, even after a couple of patch notes. To make this build work, it revolves heavily around keeping Decrepify up and using Blood Mist as often as possible to ensure that you are immune to damage. 

Infinimist Necromancer build skills & abilities

Image of Hawezar in Diablo 4
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Check out the tables below to see all of the skills and abilities you'll want to use to pull off the excellent Blood Surge Necromancer build in Diablo 4 Season 2:

Infinimist Necromancer Active Skills list

Ability Type Active Ability
Summoning Raise Skeleton
Basic Reap (1/5 + Acolyte's)
Core Blood Surge (5/5 + Paranormal)
Corpse & Macabre

Blood Mist (5/5 + Ghastly)

Corpse Explosion (12/5 + Blighted)

Corpse Tendrils (8/5 + Plagued)


Decrepify (1/5 + Abhorrent)


Bone Storm (Supreme)

As you can see, these Active Skills focus very much on AoE damage, letting you power through almost anything that stands in your way with ease.

Infinimist Necromancer Passive Skills list

Ability Type Passive Ability
Core Hewed Flesh (3/3)
Corpse & Macabre Grim Harvest (1/3)
Corpse & Macabre Fueled by Death (3/3)
Curse Death's Embrace (3/3)
Curse Amplify Damage (3/3)
Corpse & Macabre Reaper's Pursuit (3/3)
Corpse & Macabre Crippling Darkness (3/3)
Corpse & Macabre Terror (3/3)
Corpse & Macabre
Gloom (3/3)
Ultimate Stand Alone (3/3)
Ultimate Memento Mori (3/3)
Key Passive Shadow Blight

Diablo 4 Infinimist Necromancer item stats list

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When working towards the best Necromancer class build in Diablo 4 Season 2, you're going to want to be looking out for various item stat boosts to enhance your character further, whether you are playing in the Eternal realm or in one of the new seasons.

Thankfully, we've listed all of the key ones to keep your eyes on below to avoid any confusion, so make sure to prioritise those when you get any new weapons, armour, or jewellery:


  • High DPS
  • Intelligence
  • Damage to Close Enemies
  • All Stats
  • Damage to affected by Shadow Damage over time to enemies
  • Damage over time


  • Armor
  • Maximum Life
  • Intelligence
  • Lucky Hit chance
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Strike chance
  • Damage Reduction against Close Enemies
  • Damage Reduction
  • Shadow Damage over time
  • All Stats
  • Lucky Hit Chance while you have a Barrier


  • Movement Speed
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • x Ranks to Gloom Passive
  • x Ranks to Corpse Skills
  • Lucky Hit Chance
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Maximum Life
  • Shadow Damage
  • Damage to Close Enemies
  • Shadow Damage
  • Shadow Damage over Time

So, that wraps up this guide on the best Necromancer class build in Diablo 4. There are plenty of other builds that you can try in the game of course, but this is one of the best ones out there at the moment. 

For more help in Sanctuary, make sure to check out our dedicated Diablo homepage as we've got loads of guides for you to dive into, like how you can find Helltide Mystery Chests in Diablo 4.

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