Diablo 4 Unyielding Flesh quest: How to complete & rewards

Diablo 4 Unyielding Flesh quest: How to complete & rewards
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3rd Jun 2023 17:05

There are plenty of quests and side quests that you can pick up throughout Diablo 4, and that includes the side quest in Fractured Peaks named Unyielding Flesh. This guide will explain how you can accept the quest, complete it and what rewards you get for doing so in the game.

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How to start Unyielding Flesh Quest

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To begin this quest, go southeast of Kyovashad to Yelesna. There you will find Krystyna, a woman who is worried about her missing husband. Once the quest is accepted, you will then be sent to travel to the East to find him. 

Krystyna’s husband Feodor is in a location named Gnarled Timbers. You’ll find him tied up in chains. There is a mysterious woman with him who will run off when you get close. Chase after her, and this will unlock the next step of the quest. 

You will now be able to progress the quest by tracking down Yulia the Hellbound, a demon who is responsible for taking Feodor captive. She will be a miniboss that you will have to take down. She is relatively simple to fight, so don’t panic too much when you are coming up against her. However, make sure that you are at least level 8 and above when you tackle the battle, otherwise, you’ll be too weak and she’ll knock you down pretty easily. 

Unyielding Flesh Quest rewards

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Once you have defeated Yulia the Hellbound, return to rescue Feodor. Interact with the Chest, and you will complete the quest. You’ll get a Blood-Barbed Blade from the chest, as well as Renown and Gold

That is everything you need to know about completing the side quest Unyielding Flesh Quest in Diablo 4. For more guides on Diablo 4, keep reading GGRecon.

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