How to find & beat Ashava in Diablo 4

How to find & beat Ashava in Diablo 4
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Ashava in Diablo 4 is a world boss, a massively powerful creature that requires more than a few players to take it down. Diablo 4 world bosses appear across the open world of Sanctuary, providing huge rewards to those who can defeat them in a timely fashion.

Ashava is arguably the first-world boss in the game, as she appears in the region players explore during Act One. Here is everything you need to know to track down and defeat Ashava the Pestilent in Diablo 4. 

Where can you find Ashava in Diablo 4?

There are several locations around Sanctuary where world bosses can appear. The bosses are not specific to any one region, so Ashava the Pestilent could appear in any of the following locations:

Spawn location Region and directions
The Crucible Eastern Fractured Peaks, south of Alabaster Monastery
Caen Adar Northern Scosglen, north of Corbach
Saraan Caldera Eastern Dry Steppes, northeast of Qara Yisu
Seared Basin Northeast Kehjistan, north of Tarsarak
Fields of Desecration Western Hawezar, southeast of Zarbinet

There are three world bosses in the game. Ashava the Pestilent, Avarice the Gold, and Wandering Death. Any of the three can appear at any of the locations, so be sure to keep an eye out.

A map showing the potential spawn locations of each of the world bosses in Diablo 4
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You should receive a notification when a world boss is about to appear, telling you where to go and which boss it will be. If you don't get the notification, check your map and the five locations above to see if a world boss is about to appear.

Ashava spawn times

The only issue is that knowing Ashava's location is only half the job. Ashava appears once every six hours, and when she does, only sticks around for fifteen minutes.

This means that you need to be there at the right time, and you have a narrow time window in which to beat her.

If you are in the Fractured Peaks and you have completed the campaign, you will get a notification telling you Ashava is about to appear up to 30 minutes before she does. You can also see when she's about to spawn if you do Whispers of the Dead activities, as defeating Ashava is one of these activities.

For some advanced knowledge, you can follow DiabloParagon on Twitter to see which World Boss is coming up next.

So if you are on the hunt for Ashava the Pestilent, spend some time around the Fracture Peaks until you get the notification, then head to The Crucible and prepare for a fight. 

How to beat Ashava

In order to have a chance against Ashava the Pestilent, you will need two things. You will need to have a relatively decent character build, and you will need a big group of allies.

The big group of allies is an issue that should resolve itself. As Ashava is a World Boss and everyone nearby will be notified of her arrival, chances are you will not be alone when you face her. Ideally, you want up to 12 players to have a decent chance of beating her.

Players fighting against Ashava in Diablo 4
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As for the fight itself, Ashava is extremely tough and hits hard. You will need to be on your toes to avoid her attacks, most of which cover large, sweeping areas. So long as you stay back from her and avoid any red circles, you should be okay.

Be sure to bring some poison resistance because many of her attacks inflict poison damage. That said, you also need to keep consistent damage on her, as you are on the clock and need to wear her down before she disappears.

If you are having too much trouble with this World Boss, you can lower your World Tier at the statue in Kyovashad. This will make the fight quite a bit easier, at the cost of some experience and some loot. Otherwise, your best bet is to level up some more and come back when you are more prepared.

That is it for our Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss guide. For more on the game, check out our Diablo homepage, or our how to upgrade healing potions in Diablo 4.

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