What are Helltide events in Diablo 4?

What are Helltide events in Diablo 4?
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7th Apr 2023 12:12

Whenever we get a new RPG or an MMO, players' first question is usually about what the end-game content is like, as this decides the ultimate shelflife of the game. Diablo 4 answers that question with Helltide events.

Helltide events are a gameplay feature in Diablo 4 that players can experience after reaching a particular World Tier. Players can participate in these events to earn some of the best loot offered in the game to make their character more powerful and battle ready.

If you don't know about Diablo 4's Helltide events or how to access them, then this guide is for you as we explain what are Helltide events while sharing their unlock criteria.

What are Helltide events in Diablo 4?

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In Diablo 4, Helltide is a region-wide random event that serves as end-game content where players fight various demons whose level is always higher than the players' level and are pretty challenging to defeat. 

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However, as difficult these events are, the better the reward they offer. When you kill a monster during a Helltide event, you obtain something called Cinders.

You can use the obtained Cinders to open Helltide Chests found around the region to get high-tier loot to enhance your current build further and improve your character's power level. 

But there's a catch attached to it. While you can earn Cinders by killing the different monsters, if you die in the process, you will lose the earned Cinders. To reclaim them, you must retrieve the dropped Cinders from where you last died.

The Helltide events add subtle elements from the rogue-like genre in the form of losing Cinders when you die, making enemies a lot more difficult than they are in normal encounters, greater the risk, higher the reward, and such things.  

When are Helltide events available in Diablo 4?

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In Diablo 4, the Helltide events become available for players currently in World Tier 3, Nightmare difficulty. So, to ensure your shared world offers the Helltide random events, you must play Diablo 4 on Veteran difficulty and complete the Campaign and the dungeon, Cathedral of Light Capstone, to access World Tier 3, raising the difficulty to Nightmare.

That concludes our guide on what are Helltide events in Diablo 4. For more on Diablo 4, keep reading GGRecon. 

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