Is Diablo 4 playable on Steam Deck? Performance & verified status explained

Is Diablo 4 playable on Steam Deck? Performance & verified status explained
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Morgan Truder


20th Jun 2023 13:48


The isometric ARPG format of Diablo 4 is something that would undoubtedly make for a perfect on-the-go gaming session, so you're likely wondering if you can play it on Valve's Steam Deck.

Having access to a game like Diablo available on the Steam Deck will be a great help to grinding out the game's campaign, world tiers, and classes, meaning you'd be able to adventure throughout Sanctuary while sipping on a cappuccino at your nearest coffee house.

Below, we'll go over Diablo 4's Steam Deck capabilities, explaining how to install it and how well it runs.

Is Diablo 4 on Steam Deck? 

Diablo 4 gameplay
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Yes, you can play Diablo 4 on the Steam Deck, however, you won’t be able to download the game directly from Steam, and therefore it will likely never be a Steam-verified game.

That doesn’t mean it won’t work though - you will just have to go about downloading the game a little differently. 

How to install Diablo 4 on Steam Deck

Promotional art for Steam Deck which can support Diablo 4 play
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In order to play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck, you'll have to add to your device. If you have played any other Blizzard games on your Steam Deck like Overwatch or WoW, then the chances are you may have downloaded this already.

If you don't, the easiest way to get onto your device (and by extension, Diablo 4) is to download Lutris. To do so, simply follow the list of steps outlined below:

  • Launch Desktop Mode on the Steam Deck and go to the Discover Icon
  • Search for Lutris, and then install and open the app
  • Click on the plus (+) icon in Lutris at the top left of the interface
  • Search for and install 
  • Remain in Desktop Mode and launch the Steam desktop app
  • Select the 'Add a Game' (+) icon at the bottom left of the screen
  • Now choose 'Add Non-Steam Game...'
  • Next, select Lutris from the list that appears and press 'Add Selected Program'
  • From here, return to Gaming Mode and fire up Lutris, and then select on the following screen
  • Once the UI appears, all you now need to do is launch Diablo 4!

And that's it - you're now ready to dive into some of Sanctuary's many dungeons or whatever else it is you're looking to do in your adventure. 

Remember, Diablo 4 needs an internet connection at all times to play it, so this game won’t be a great option if you plan on gaming during your commute or away from a consistent connection.

How well does the Steam Deck Run Diablo 4?

Screenshot showing the different classes in Diablo 4
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According to a Reddit thread, from post-release, all reports so far are that Diablo 4 runs incredibly well on the Steam Deck. This is following a previous post from the Beta period on the Diablo 4 subreddit regarding handheld, with most people in the threads playing on low graphics settings and managing to get 60 FPS. Meanwhile, others managed 40 FPS on more moderate graphics settings.

We haven't had a chance to try it ourselves as of yet, but everything points towards the game running incredibly well on Valve's handheld console.

That is everything we know about playing Diablo 4 on Steam Deck. If you're looking for more guide content, be sure to check out our Diablo homepage, or take a look at a comparison of Diablo 4's different editions.

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