How to unlock & use all the mounts in Diablo 4

How to unlock & use all the mounts in Diablo 4
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Diablo 4 has a more open approach to world discovery than the other games, so being able to get from one point to another in the game as fast as possible is a skill you will always want to have up your sleeve.

Unfortunately, mounts are not available to players right at the start of the game, so you will have to invest some time before you can jump up on a trusty steed. Thankfully we've got all of the details you'll need to get and use mounts, so make sure to read the rest of this guide below to find out more.

How to unlock mounts

To unlock mounts, you need to complete the Mount: Donan's Favor quest. This quest only becomes available after you have completed Act 3 of the main campaign, however, so you will need to work your way through that before you can get riding.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to unlock and complete the Mount: Donan's Favor quest in Diablo 4:

  • Start Act 4 in the game and complete the A Master's Touch main quest by speaking to Donan at the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad.
  • Find and speak to Oskar, the stable master, who is southeast of the waypoint in Kyovashad.
  • He will give you the Old Nell Steed for free, allowing you to use your first mount in Diablo 4 and complete the Mount: Donan's Favour quest.

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Oskar will also have the Grey Steed and Mottled Steed available for purchase at 20,000 Gold each, so you can pick up one of those too if you would like.

All Diablo 4 mounts

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Here are all the mounts and how to get them:

  • Blood Bay Mount - Dropped randomly in Kehjistan
  • Bloody Liquid Mount - Dropped by defeating Echo of Lilith
  • Bloody Mount (PvP) - Dropped from Field of Hatred Stable Master or purchased for 100,000 Red Dust
  • Brigand's Mount - Dropped randomly anywhere
  • Buckskin Bay Mount - Dropped randomly in Kehjistan
  • Caldeum Mount - Dropped randomly anywhere
  • Cavalier's Mount - Dropped randomly anywhere
  • Decaying Mount - Dropped randomly by Treasure Goblins
  • Dustback Mount - Dropped randomly in Dry Steppes
  • Endurance Mount - Part of the Penitent Dragoon Prestige Mount set in the store
  • Executioner's Mount - Dropped randomly anywhere
  • Granite-coat Mount - Dropped randomly in Scosglen
  • Grey Steed Mount - Purchase from Stable Master for 20,000 Gold
  • Grisly Calico Mount - Unknown
  • Ingot Mount - Part of The Weight of Gold Prestige Mount Armor set in the store
  • Liath Icehowl Mount - Part of the Crypt Hunter Add On set in the store
  • Light Bearer Mount - Pre-order any Diablo 4 edition
  • Marshback Mount - Dropped randomly in Hawezar
  • Marsh Roan Mount - Dropped randomly in Hawezar
  • Mottled Steed Mount - Purchase from Stable Master for 20,000 Gold
  • Old Nell Mount - Acquired for free from Stable Master after completing Donan's Favor Priority quest
  • Pale Mount - Dropped randomly in Fractured Peaks
  • Plains Yearling Mount - Unknown
  • Primal Instinct Mount - Twitch drop from June 2023
  • Seal Brown Mount - Dropped randomly anywhere
  • Spectral Charger Mount - Dropped as a Nightmare Dungeon reward or as part of The Gathering Legions events
  • Spotted Shale-coat Mount - Dropped randomly in Scosglen
  • Striped Steppe Mount - Dropped randomly in Dry Steppes
  • Taiga Roan Mount - Dropped randomly in Fractured Peaks
  • Temptation Mount - Purchase Diablo 4 Deluxe or Ultimate edition
  • Trapper's Mount - Dropped randomly anywhere
  • Triune Charger Mount - Three-fold Nightmare Prestige Mount Armor set in the store

How to use and ride mounts

Key art of a mount in Drysteppes in Diablo 4
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In order to summon and ride your mount in Diablo 4, you must press the 'Z' key or right on the D-pad.

You won't be able to resummon your mount for eight seconds after dismounting in normal circumstances, but the cooldown will increase to 20 seconds if your horse is attacked and runs away.

Use the standard movement controls to ride your mount and control its direction, but you can also use the Spur ability with the spacebar or right trigger to gain a temporary speed boost.

You can use the Spur ability to move through a cluster of enemies, but it only has a limited number of uses that are replenished over time, so make sure you have it for when you need it.

You can dismount normally while on your mount by pressing the right mouse button or B/Circle. Alternatively, you can also do a class-specific attack to dismount by pressing the '1' key or X/Square, but this cannot be initiated for nine seconds after your first get on your mount.

You are able to ride your mount freely within the overworld, but mounts in Diablo 4 are unavailable for use when in dungeons, cellars, or basements, so you will have to rely on your own two feet in those situations.

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