How to earn Ancestral Favor reputation fast in Diablo 4

How to earn Ancestral Favor reputation fast in Diablo 4
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8th Feb 2024 10:33

The Ancestral Favor is an even exclusive reputation in Diablo 4 that players can obtain to level up their Lunar Awakening event Ancestral Favor rank to get the different tier rewards. The Lunar Awakening event in Diablo 4 is already underway and will end on Tuesday, February 20, so you must earn enough Ancestral Favor in the game to max out the rank to claim all rewards.

Keep reading our guide as we share some of the best ways to earn Ancestral Favor reputation fast in Diablo 4 that you can use to max out your Ancestral Favor rank within a few hours.

How to earn Ancestral Favor reputation fast

Diablo 4 Ancestral Favor
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In Diablo 4, you can earn Ancestral Favor by using the buffs obtained from Lunar Shrines to take out enemies. Depending on the enemy type and mob size, you will get more or less Ancestral Favor. You get +5 Ancestral Favor every second, even if you don't defeat an enemy, and +10 upon defeating one with the Lunar Shrine buff active.

When it comes to earning the Ancestral Favor fast in Diablo 4, we recommend completing the Corrupted Lunar Shrine events that pop everywhere around Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Corrupted Shrines
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Another great way to obtain Ancestral Favor fast is by doing Dungeons, including regular and Nightmare ones, with the new Ancestor's Favour affix that adds extra Lunar Shrines inside the dungeons, making the farming process more efficient. 

That being said, you can randomly get the Ancestor's Favor affix while crafting a Nightmare Sigil at the Occultist using Sigil Powder. Once you have a Nightmare Sigil with the Ancestor's Favor affix, you can head inside the dungeon and clear it to level up the Ancestral Favor Rank fast. 

Doing the Whispers around the map, such as "Cleanse Shrine" and others, is also an excellent source for earning Ancestral Favor in Diablo 4. As for new players who don't have access to Nightmare Dungeons, doing the world events with Lunar Shrines, roaming around Sanctuary, and using Lunar Shrines found along the way to take out enemies is an excellent way to get Ancestral Favor. 

Lastly, you also farm Corrupted Lunar Shrine events by completing them and waiting at the exact location for some time or leaving and rejoining the game. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Ancestral Favor fast in Diablo 4While you are here, check out all Gems and their crafting costs and everything you need to know about Diablo 4's Vessel of Hatred expansion.

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