Diablo 4 PvE class tier list: Best classes for beginners, solo & team play

Diablo 4 PvE class tier list: Best classes for beginners, solo & team play
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Ava Thompson-Powell


25th Jul 2023 13:40


Our Diablo 4 PvE class tier list is not a list that tells you which classes you should or shouldn't play, but instead can help you to understand which classes are stronger than others.

Diablo 4 is a game that changes over time, and as we’re now into Season 1, the balance of how powerful a class is can alter as time passes.

PvE play is the core of the game, and each of the classes in the game tackles the hordes of hell in different ways. To help you parse the differences, here is our Diablo 4 PvE class tier list.

What is the best solo and beginner class for PvE in Diablo 4?

A Necromancer in Diablo 4 , one of the best PvE classes
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For those of you out there who are looking to experience the story of Diablo 4 with more of a security blanket to protect you from an untimely demise (and from losing a big chunk of armour durability), we'd recommend choosing the Necromancer class - who is undoubtedly one of the best for solo PvE play.

With the power to raise and command the dead - up to a total of nine, in fact - which can be further customised to a combination that suits you, the Necromancer feels incredibly powerful when playing on the lowest of Diablo 4's World Tiers

Nothing feels better than watching your minions rush into battle on their own accord, protecting you and dealing plenty of damage to boot. While they're soaking up the majority of damage from enemies (assuming you don't get too close), you'll be able to pepper them with attacks from a distance, truly feeling like a master of your craft.

Diablo 4 solo class tier list

Tier Class Why to choose
S Necromancer Able to quickly heal, command an army and feels very powerful
A Druid Balance of powerful skills and defensive capabilities makes the Druid very well-rounded
B Rogue Great movement and stealth abilities, massive single-target damage, a little harder to play
C Sorcerer Powerful spells but very squishy, can struggle to stay alive when alone
D Barbarian Hits things very hard, but can also get hit very hard in return

Although we have ranked the above classes in order from the S-Tier to D-Tier, let it be said that there are no bad classes for solo play. Ultimately, every class is totally viable for playing through the entire campaign by themselves, with each offering a slightly different flavour to how you approach combat.

Where one person may struggle with the Barbarian, another may find the micromanaging of a Necromancer's minions a little tiresome. However, it's in the endgame where some classes may start to struggle.

What is the best class for group PvE play in Diablo 4?

A Sorcerer holding a fireball in Diablo 4
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If you're running with a group and want to truly take charge in dealing enormous amounts of damage, you'll likely want to run the Sorcerer for PvE content in Diablo 4.

This is mostly due to the class having a high amount of damage at hand, able to crowd-control enemies and providing great support for your team.

As a bit of a glass cannon, ensuring you've got other players fighting alongside you can help to take the heat off of you ever so slightly - meaning you can do what you do best: rain down all manner of spells (if you've got the Mana for it).

Diablo 4 group class tier list

Tier Class Why to choose
S Sorcerer Able to clear the way for your teammates by causing large AoE damage
A Rogue Can effectively delete bosses from the game with high damage output
B Barbarian A great tank that can soak up hits to give damage dealers some breathing space 
C Necromancer Still very powerful, but its army of minions can be confusing and a little cumbersome on-screen amongst a group of players
D Druid The Druid can work as a tank or support, it's just that other classes on this list can ultimately do it better

Again we must stress, there are no bad classes in Diablo 4. The Necromancer is lower on this list not because they are any worse in a group - but simply because they are so well suited to solo play with your skeletal army in tow.

The Barbarian moves up here because they make for great tanks, allowing Sorcerers and Rogues to do what they do best: huge damage unimpeded.

Since all of Diablo 4's classes are viable for solo play, a group made up of any combination of these will have no issue working through all the content in the game. At the end of the day, the correct choice for solo or team play is whichever class appeals to you the most.

That is it for our Diablo 4 class tier list. For more on the game check out our Diablo homepage, or check out our guide breaking down the Renown system and rewards in Diablo 4.

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