Diablo 4 Season of the Construct start date, trailer & gameplay details

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct start date, trailer & gameplay details
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17th Jan 2024 11:27

Diablo 4 was released in mid-2023 and through two seasons so far, Season of the Malignant and Season of Blood, introduced new content to the game such as new dungeons, new characters, and more build possibilities.

Season 3 is expected to continue this trend, and we finally have some answers about what we can expect from it. If you're looking forward to the game's next chapter, check out when Season of the Construct will start below.

When does Diablo 4 Season 3 start?

Season of the Construct is set to begin on January 23, as confirmed by a message on the game's login screen that reads: "Season 3 - Next Season Begins January 23, 2024."

This means that the current Season of Blood will also be ending on the same date, likely just before an update goes live to introduce all the new content.

Here's hoping Season 3 continues the momentum of Season of Blood rather than the game's first seasonal update, which was more than a little underwhelming.

Season of the Construct trailer & story details

Season of the Construct has the players team up with Ayuzhan of Caldeum, a former companion of the wizard and inventor Zoltun Kulle. Kulle created arcane constructs, magical automatons, many years prior, but abandoned them in his vaults below Khejistan.

Over time, corrupting forces managed to take control of his work, and now this ancient technology called The Loom lies in the hands of the demon Malphas. The players must travel to Gatehall, an underground town from where they can begin to delve into Kulle's vaults and prevent Malphas from using the Loom to conquer the world above.

New gameplay features

A Rogue beside a Seneschal companion construct
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Of the many tweaks, changes, and new features coming in Season of the Construct, the two most significant new additions are the Seneschal companion and the Vaults. The Seneschal is a spider-like construct that will follow you around and can be customised to attack enemies and support the player in a variety of ways.

To do so you will use Governing Stones and Tuning Stones. The Governing Stones determine what kind of actions the Seneschal can perform, while the Tuning Stones will augment those abilities and allow you to fine-tune the bot's capabilities. Use these stones to make your Seneschal fit your build.

You'll need the extra help while exploring the Vaults. They are more or less Dungeons, but with a twist. For one thing, these Vaults are filled with constructs, a new type of enemy for players to deal with. Furthermore, the Vaults also contain traps, elemental hazards built by Kulle and Ayuzhan to keep people out. Now, they protect the demons inside.

Gatehall and the Vaults below Khejistan
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When entering a Vault, you can acquire Zoltun's Warding, which grants you access to the treasures within the Vault. However, the warding has stacks, and each time you are caught in a trap, you lose a stack of warding. Should you maintain the full Zoltun's Warding all the way to the end and defeat the boss, you will receive a Wardwoven chest and a greater chance at Legendary loot.

In World Tier 3, Nightmare Vaults become available. They work just like Nightmare Dungeons do: they require Vault Sigils to enter and have a greater chance at granting powerful rewards.

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