Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass: Cost, rewards, length & more

Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass: Cost, rewards, length & more
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17th Aug 2023 13:06


The Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass has been available for a while now, but if you're just jumping in you'll need to learn all about the cost, rewards, length, and more. 

Diablo 4 has already cemented itself as one of the biggest games of the year, and the first season has seen it attract back tonnes of players to take part in new content and earn new rewards.

If you've not quite made the dive yet, check out everything you need to know about Diablo 4 Seadon 1 below, and see what you can earn as you play.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass explained

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The Diablo 4 Battle Pass is, for the most part, your typical Battle Pass. The Diablo 4 Battle Pass consists of a single reward track featuring both free and premium rewards. Each Diablo 4 Season will offer a unique Battle Pass with different limited-time items to collect across the length of the Season.

The Battle Pass is part of Diablo 4 Season 1 which kicked off on July 20, meaning you can start it right now.

What's in the Diablo 4 Battle Pass?

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Here are all of the items and rewards that you can earn in the Diablo 4 Battle Pass:

Season Boosts

Season Boosts are one of the primary draws of the Diablo 4 Battle Pass. You can use Season Boosts to accelerate XP gains and level characters more quickly.

When it comes to Season Boosts, it's important to note that you cannot buy Battle Pass Tiers to unlock Season Boosts faster. To get Season Boosts, you actually have to earn them by playing Diablo 4 and advancing through the Season Journey. Also, you cannot purchase Season Boosts outright in the in-game shop.

The devs stress that pay-to-win aspects will not be a part of Diablo 4, and in a post-launch content stream, the devs confirmed that power will not be added through Premium Tiers.


The Diablo 4 Battle Pass includes a slew of cosmetics that players can use to transmog their characters with. A large number of the Battle Pass rewards consist of looks for armour and weapons, plus other cosmetic accessories like backpacks, mounts, and emotes.

The cosmetics in each Diablo 4 Battle Pass share a seasonal theme. Furthermore, Battle Pass rewards are exclusive to that particular Diablo 4 Season.

Premium Currency

As you progress through the Diablo 4 Battle Pass, you earn Premium Currency. Premium Currency allows you to purchase additional goodies from the in-game Item Shop, which resets weekly.

How much does the Diablo 4 Battle Pass cost?

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The Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass costs 1000 Platinum (£8.39/$9.88) for the Premium track.

The Accelerated version costs 2800 Platinum (£20.99/$24.99).

How long is the Diablo 4 Battle Pass?

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The Diablo 4 developers report that the Diablo 4 Battle Pass will span about three months and take 75 hours of gameplay on average to complete in its entirety. Of course, the amount of time it takes to complete the Battle Pass relies partly on the player and how optimised their gameplay is.

It might take some players more than 75 hours, while others will finish the Battle Pass well before the 75-hour marker. If you prefer to play at your leisure and don't want to feel constrained by the Battle Pass, you can purchase Tier Skips. The Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition includes 20 Tier Skips.

From the sound of things, the Diablo 4 Battle Pass will only add to the player experience. The devs at Blizzard Entertainment have been careful to not include any pay-to-win elements that would infringe on the integrity of Diablo 4.

That's all for our explainer of the Diablo 4 battle pass, and now you know the cost, rewards, and length ahead of Diablo 4 Season 1.

While you're still travelling through Sanctuary, make sure to check out our Diablo homepage for all of the latest news and guides on the game.

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