16 best Starfield mods for PC

16 best Starfield mods for PC
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Starfield has quickly gained a pretty huge selection of mods to improve your experience with the game on PC. We've compiled a list of all the best ones to install right now.

Just like previous Bethesda games like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, Starfield is a huge game full of modding potential. With a modding community already flourishing within the game, it wasn't too difficult to find some excellent mods to install. These mods are perfect for those of us who have already completed a New Game Plus run and are looking to jump back in with some new features.

Sadly if you've been playing the game on Xbox Game Pass on consoles you won't be able to download these mods as you'll need to be on PC. Some mods may also have issues with compatibility when it comes to playing on Game Pass on PC.

But if you're like us and you enjoy modding Bethesda's games to get more out of your adventures, definitely check out these mods below and see if any of them appeal to you - there's something for every Starfield player here!

Best Starfield mods to download on PC

Many of the best mods currently available in Starfield are used to tweak certain aspects of the default experience, with one aiming to reduce the time it takes for menus to load, another providing a smoother framerate on PC, and one providing a texture overhaul to visual effects.

With that in mind, here are our picks for the best mods you can currently download in Starfield.

1. Starfield Script Extender

an image of the Starfield Script Extender key art
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Image via SFSE TEam

Simply put, Starfield Script Extender (also known as SFSE) is a mod that, like the StarfieldCustom.ini file, is utilised in order to make many other different mods work.

There's not much more to it than that, but it's absolutely something you should be downloading to ensure that you're not missing out on a mod. We highly recommend downloading this if you're planning on getting a bunch of different mods.

However, the mod author has noted that this is not currently supported with the Xbox Game Pass version of Starfield, so consider that and any mods that mention needing to download SFSE if you're playing on Game Pass.

2. Neutral LUTs

This Starfield mod is a simple one, but that doesn't mean it's any less great to add to your game, especially when comparing the comparisons provided by mod creator fadingsignal.

With the aim of removing colour filters from the game, it'll remove some of the greeny-blue hues on-screen, meaning that areas shrouded in darkness will tend to feel darker overall.

3. The Eyes of Beauty

Image showing the texture replacement for The Eyes of Beauty, one of the best Starfield mods
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Image via Lograam

If you've played any of the many, many versions of Skyrim, or have spent time wandering the wasteland in Fallout 4, you might recognise this mod.

Returning once more to beautify the eyeballs of residents of the galaxy far and wide, LogRaam has once more provided an extensive mod relating to all things ocular.

While it initially serves as a texture replacement for the default eye textures, LogRaam has mentioned plans to expand the mod offerings in the future. So if you're a character creation fiend who spends way too much time creating their player character, make sure to download The Eyes of Beauty.

4. Achievement Enabler

As is the case with many games, if you're playing with mods Starfield's achievements and trophies will be disabled by default. Have no fear, however, as Prigade is here to save the day.

Serving the exact purpose that the name suggests, installing this Starfield mod into your game will enable your achievements once more even if you're using loads of mods. Now excuse me while I get back to trophy hunting.

5. StarUI Inventory

Image of the StarUI Inventory mod, one of the best for Starfield
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Image via m8r98a4f2

Another familiar Starfield mod that modders of Fallout and Skyrim alike will recognise is StarUI Inventory, created by m8r98a4f2 - who also created FallUI - giving a new look to the UI systems within the game.

This mod is absolutely one of the best available in Starfield right now, as it features a more compact look to the UI, and provides additional benefits and quality-of-life features that will make finding that specific item amongst all of the junk you'll have collected throughout the Settled Systems and the wider galaxy that much easier.

6. Undelayed Menus

If you've found yourself being impatient in any way over the time it takes for some of the menu screens in Starfield to load, Undelayed Menus by Seb263 is here to save the day.

Aiming to speed up the time it takes to open a menu in Starfield, this self-explanatory mod is a great quality-of-life feature to download and install into your game. I've found Starfield's menus to be a bit frustrating to use, so this mod will help out quite a bit.

7. Item Sorting Tags

Item Sorting Tags is a great little mod that you'll absolutely want as it goes hand-in-hand with another entry on our best mods for Starfield: StarUI Inventory. 

It'll allow you to see more clearly what something is when you're picking it up by adding different icons next to entries of items within the world and inventory,

With over 70 different icons across both weapons and armour, Item Sorting Tags by McGuffin is one mod you don't want to miss out on - especially if you're a bit of a hoarder.

8. Effect Textures Enhanced

Effect Textures Enhanced mod showing before and after of bullets in a ball
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Image via weijiesen

If you're looking to add some extra pizzazz to the textures found in Starfield, you can always rely on modders to kick things up a notch. That's where Effect Textured Enhanced, or EXE, comes in.

Said to redo and improve every visual effect found in Starfield, you'll be able to practically feel the warmth of the flame coming through the screen with the fidelity on offer with these textures.

9. BetterHUD

BetterHUD by KhaoMaat is a mod for Starfield that can help immerse you in the game by making on-screen elements appear smaller and outright disabling others.

For example, it disables enemy health bars and hit markers, decreases the size of the XP and location indicator, and there are also varying options available to download for a mod that works with whatever it is that you're looking for.

10. Starfield Performance Optimizations

If you're finding your computer chugging away while exploring space, you may want to try the Starfield Performance Optimizations mod, as it has lots of different options that can be downloaded to try and take some of the heat off of your system.

Including a 'Potato Mode', there's a whole array of setting types here to choose from - but note that you will need to manually install this without the help of Vortex.

11. Enhanced Player Healthbar

Screenshot showing the Enhanced Player Healthbar mod, one of the best in Starfield
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Image via SilverEzredes

For a better indicator of what your character's health is at in Starfield, you'll want to download this mod. Adding a varying colour to the health bar depending on how much you have, it'll give you a better sense of where you're at in a battle and if you need to heal up.

With four different colour stages: White, yellow, orange, and red, you'll never need to second-guess how much health you have again.

12. Ship Skip

Now it's time for a few ship mods, such as Ship Skip which lets you skip that annoying docking animation every time you want to dock or undock in space. This cutscene was cool the first time around, but it soon got pretty tiresome when I realised it would play in full every single time I docked.

Ship Skip removes that cutscene and gets straight to the point, which will make your experience a bit smoother when using your ship in space. And if you want to get some epic spacecraft to explore the Settled Systems, here are the best ships to get in Starfield.

13. Smooth Ship Reticule

key art of the Smooth Ship Reticule mod, one of the best Starfield mods
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Image via alexbulluk

Another simple mod, Smooth Ship Reticule tweaks the interface for ship HUDs by raising the frame rate of the reticule from 30 FPS to 120 FPS. It makes the process of ship combat much smoother and will ensure your aim is better, as the reticule is more responsive with the improvements.

It's definitely worth a download if you find yourself doing a fair amount of fighting out in the void.

14. Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks

If you're an avid ship creator in Starfield, then Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks may appeal to you. It essentially increases the overlap tolerance in the ship builder, allowing you to move parts closer together and slightly overlap them.

While the changes may seem small, it opens up more opportunities for ship building in the game, easily making it one of the best Starfield mods available right now if you're more creatively minded.

15. High Definition Texture Pack

Starfield High Definition Texture Pack, one of the best Starfield mods
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Image via epiphanyabsolute

If you think your PC can handle even more when playing Starfield, the High Definition Texture Pack makes the game even more gorgeous by upscaling all the standard 2K textures to 4K textures.

The quality upgrade is noticeable, but it also blends in naturally with the rest of the textures so it's never distracting. The mod is still in development too, so you can expect the whole game to get a texture overhaul over the course of the next year.

16. Less Spongy Enemies

A common issue cited with combat in Starfield is the spongy enemies that take so many damn shots to take down. Less Spongy Enemies remedies that by changing the NPC Health Level Bonus value, meaning you still do the same damage, and the game still scales in difficulty, but enemies no longer take all your ammo to drop.


How to use mods in Starfield

How to download mods in Starfield

The Starfield mod page on Nexus Mods
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Before you can get started with modding in Starfield, you'll first need to download them. I found this to be quite an easy task as all the best mods on our list can be found in the same place over at Nexus Mods.

Firstly, make sure that you download and add the StarfieldCustom.ini file to the game folder, which can be found here. Once downloaded, head to My Documents\My Games\Starfield - this is where you'll need to place the file.

With that process out of the way, you'll now be able to get started with downloading and installing your mods! And while we're here, if you're looking for mods for other games, here are our picks for the best Skryim mods on PC and console.

Installing mods in Starfield on PC

an image of the Vortex Mod Manager
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To install your mods in the most efficient way in Starfield, I'd suggest utilising the Vortex Mod Manager, which can be downloaded here

Once that's been installed onto your system, the process of getting mods into Starfield itself is very straightforward:

  • First, with Vortex Mod Manager open, ensure that Starfield is visible in the managed section of Vortex which can be found under the 'Games' option on the left-hand side of the application
    • If it isn't, add it to your managed games by searching for 'Starfield' and following the on-screen steps
  • Next, find the mods you want on Nexus Mods and click the 'Mod Manager Download' option found under 'Files' at the top of the mod page
  • You'll then need to choose your download speed - if you're a free user, click 'Slow Download'
  • Following that, go to Vortex again, click on Starfield and select the blue 'Never Installed' button to install the mod
  • Next, select the green 'Enable' prompt that will appear in the top-right of the screen

And that is basically it for how to install Starfield mods, as Vortex makes the job much easier overall. Mods can be installed manually by activating them in the StarfieldCustom.ini file, but with Vortex, you can easily add, enable, or remove mods without breaking much of a sweat.

NOTE: Before downloading a mod on this list, we'd highly recommend reading the full descriptions of each over on Starfield Nexus. Additionally, bear in mind that some mods are engine injector mods, meaning that they make more significant changes than other mods.

While these are less common, it is important to note that you must double-click a mod like this in Vortex and change its mod type to 'Engine Injector' in the side menu in order for it to work.

Be sure to check out our Starfield homepage for all of the latest guides, or check out how to earn credits fast in Starfield, or the list of console commands and item IDs in Starfield.

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