All Starfield factions & groups explained

All Starfield factions & groups explained
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You'll want to know all about the Starfield factions and groups, as there are plenty across the galaxy to learn about, and a fair few you can join up with to take part in questlines. 

Across the game's solar system, there are a variety of factions, ranging from solar system-spanning governments to megacorps with their business in all the major cities. Many of the larger factions play an important part in the lore, and they present good opportunities to learn more about the Starfield universe. 

If you're looking to learn all about the factions and groups in Starfield, we've got you covered.

How many Starfield factions are there?

an image of Constellation, one of the Starfield factions
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There are five major Starfield factions that players can join up with, all of whom have specific quest lines that can be completed independently of the main story. 

In addition to the factions, there are several smaller groups in the game that have a presence, consisting of religious groups, organisations, mercenaries, and those who don't fit in elsewhere. 

As the smaller groups don't have achievements related to them, players won't be able to join them, but there are still quests and encounters with them.

All Starfield factions

a member of Ryujin Industries, one of the Starfield factions
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Here is a list of the factions in Starfield that you can join with questlines:

  • Constellation - The main faction you join with the goal of uncovering the mysteries of the universe and the Settled Systems
  • Crimson Fleet - A fleet of space pirates who plunder spaceships all over the Settles Systems
  • Free Star Collective - A confederation of three-star systems that emphasise individual freedom
  • Ryujin Industries - A megacorporation that controls a number of large cities and deals in various industries
  • United Colonies Vanguard - A civilian navy pledged to protect UC member colonies and interests

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List of groups in Starfield

New Atlantis city in Starfield
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The 'groups' in Starfield are much smaller, but there are far more than the big five factions. Check out the list below for an explanation of each one:

  • Argos Extractors - A mining company that operates in and around the UC systems
  • Ecliptic Mercenaries - A group of bounty hunters who perform missions for various clientele
  • Enlightened - An organised group of atheists that teach humanist values
  • Freestar Rangers - An elite force of soldiers that protect the Freestar Collective regions
  • House of Va'ruun - A mysterious religious group that worships the Great Serpent
  • The Red Mile - A group of runners from the Porrima system
  • Spacers - Clusters of individual groups that don't fit in with other factions and societies
  • Sanctum Universum - A religion that believes god exists out in space, and that they are being directed to find a higher power
  • Terran Preservation Authority - A group dedicated to the preservation and study of Terran culture
  • UC SysDef - A defence department of the United Colonies
  • Xenofresh Corporation - A large corp that creates the illegal drug Aurora

That's our coverage of the Starfield factions and groups, and now you know all the major factions and important groups in the game.

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