All Starfield companions & crew we know so far

All Starfield companions & crew we know so far
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30th Aug 2023 09:41

While there are only a handful of Starfield companions that we know of so far, we've already got a few details that give us an insight into the crew which may help in deciding who you want to join your party when you finally start exploring the Settled Systems.

After what feels like an eternity, Starfield is finally on our doorstep, and more details about the game are becoming known, ranging from the main factions and groups in the universe to the characters that can be romanced.

Much of your time spent in the game will likely be one of its companions, establishing rapport as you kill, quest, and explore together - but it's worth knowing who you'll get to do that with before jumping in. So, read on for the list of all Starfield companions and crew we know so far. 

All Starfield companions so far

Sarah Morgan, one of the Starfield companions
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While there is said to be a total of 20 companions in Starfield, the following list has background on all the ones we know of so far:

Companion Bio Skills
Barrett An engineer who joined up with Constellation to explore the galaxy in pursuit of knowledge
  • Starship Engineering (4)
  • Particle Beam Systems (3)
  • Robotics (2)
  • Gastronomy (1)
Sam Coe A descendant of the founder of the Freestar Collective and pilot who joined Constellation to champion the little guy
  • Piloting (4)
  • Rifle Certification (3)
  • Payloads (2)
  • Geology (1)
Sarah Morgan An ex-soldier and current leader of Constellation who leads through action and trust
  • Astrodynamics (4)
  • Lasers (3)
  • Leadership (2)
  • Botany (1)

As companions, each of these characters will likely be mainstays throughout the game if you choose to take them with you. 

Based on how companions worked in previous Bethesda games and similar RPGs, each one will have a unique place on the battlefield, and will likely come with their own questline that can be started after building up enough trust. 

Of course, you can also romance many of the companions, with the Starfield Direct showing a scene of the player and Sam Coe expressing their love. 

How many companions are in Starfield?

an image of Sam Coe, a companion in Starfield
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During a Discord Q&A with Lead Quest Designer Will Shen and Lead Designer Emil Pagliarulo, they revealed there are over 20 companions the player can recruit in Starfield. 

We know four of these will hail from Constellation, while the others companions will be members of other factions or independent characters found around the Settled Systems.

We'll provide a concrete number once we learn more about companions in Starfield.

Starfield crew members we know of so far

the Adoring Fan, one of the Starfield crew
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The list of Starfield crew we know so far consists of the following:

Crew Bio Skills
Adoring Fan Can be earned with the Adoring Fan trait
  • Weight Lifting (2)
  • Concealment (2)
  • Scavenging (1)
Andreja An Astronomer and the newest recruit to Constellation who hails from the farthest reaches of the Settled Systems Unknown
Heller A geologist that seems to be found on a moon
  • Outpost Engineering (3)
  • Geology (1)
Noel The youngest member of Constellation: serving as a protege to Sarah Morgan and a scientist who supports the project from her lab Unknown
Marika Boros A mercenary that can be recruited at a spaceport
  • Ballisitics (2)
  • Shotgun Certification (1)
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems (1)
Matteo Khatri The resident Theologian in Constellation, Metteo is committed to understanding humanity's place in the universe by studying relics of our ancient past Unknown
Vasco A robot that seems to help out around the ship and during exploration Unknown
Vladimir Sall A former Crimson Fleet pirate with experience piloting in the far reaches, who has now become a pillar of Constellation Unknown
Walter Stroud Co-owner of Stroud-Eklund, who has used his wealth and passion for exploring to help build Constellation Unknown

We don't know exactly what sets a Starfield companion and crew members apart at this point, but Bethesda has made it a point to draw a distinction. 

They can seemingly still follow you around the open world and help in combat, so it seems like they are more than just faces back on your ship. It could be a case that they aren't romanceable or don't have specific questlines, but we won't know until we start playing. 

That's all for our breakdown of all Starfield companions and crew we know so far, and you know a little more about how follower NPCs will work in the game. 

Be sure to check out our Starfield homepage for the latest news and guides, or check out if you will be able to visit Earth in Starfield.

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