The best locations to build your outposts in the early stages of Starfield

The best locations to build your outposts in the early stages of Starfield
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Finding the best outpost locations in Starfield is important, as they determine the amount of resources you can gather and how quickly it happens. Starfield has a litany of planets that you can visit and build an outpost on, making narrowing down your options tricky.

With so many potential outpost locations across the game, we have delved into which spots are best to make the list below, so you can be assured you are getting the most out of your investments.

Where are the best starting outpost locations in Starfield?

The best outpost locations have a lot in common, and all consist of specific resources that are super valuable for building and crafting in the game. 

Below, we've covered a few candidates for an outpost early in your playthrough of Starfield, so you can set up quickly and begin farming resources as early as possible. 

We've avoided planets with extreme conditions like Inferno or Deep Freeze, as you will need levels in the Plantery Habitation skill before you can set up there. All of the planets below can be visited from the get-go, and as long as you have the necessary resources, you can begin setting up rather quickly. 


Andraphon, one of the best outpost locations in Starfield
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Andraphon is a moon of the planet Sumati, located in the Narion system, that you begin the game in. 

It's a barren world with no atmosphere, magnetosphere, flora, fauna, or water, but it is full of some of the best early-game resources and can set you up well for building outposts on other planets.

It contains Helium-3, Aluminum, Iron, Beryllium, and Europium. The first three are key for building outposts, so it's good to find a spot where you can take advantage of all three with your extractors. 


Zamka, a moon in Starfield
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Zamka is a moon of Olivas in the Alpha Centauri system, which is the second solar system you will visit in Starfield, making it one of the best outpost locations in Starfield when starting out.

It contains eight valuable resources, and many of them can be found clustered together if you take a look at the resource map of the moon. 

It contains Water, Helium-3, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Uranium, Cobalt, and Vanadium, again giving you room to harvest some of the most useful resources in the game very early on.


Kreet, one of the best outpost locations in Starfield
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Kreet is a moon of Anselon, located in the Narion system, and is the second planet you will visit as part of the game's main story. 

It's one of the more perfect locations for outposts, boasting a breathable atmosphere and a very strong magnetosphere, along with various flora and fauna. 

It features eight resources in total and is flush with Lead and Iron in particular. It also contains Water, Helium-3, Argon, Alkanes, Silver, and Neon. Some of these resources are vital in crafting weapon upgrades, so we recommend this moon early on to ensure you can begin kitting out your weaponry.


Jemison, a planet in Starfield
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While perhaps not as resource-heavy as our other picks, Jemison is one of the best locations for an outpost as it is incredibly easy to build on for Starfield beginners.

Featuring a temperate climate, the planet located within the Alpha Centauri star system is one of the first that you will naturally make your way to in the game, which proves an ideal starting outpost to get used to the system.

You will be able to find resources such as Water, Chlorine, Lead, Argon, and Chlorosilane, which is good for getting used to the resource system, and with no restrictions at all it can be great for building up your stocks.

You will want to eventually move onto the more fruitful planets listed above, but Jemison is a fantastic place to start, and one of the best outpost locations that you can choose right now.

Eridani II

Eridani II, one of the best outpost locations in Starfield
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Eridani II is a temperate planet in the Eridani system that you can visit in the early portion of the game and features a tonne of useful resources. You can find Eridani in the bottom left of the star map.

It contains Water, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Fluorine, Cobalt, and Gold, so you'll have a mix of the more common and useful resources, and some rarer stuff like Gold or Cobalt. 

From an aesthetic point of view, Eridani II also makes for a great home base because of its views. So, if you need a mix of resource farming and a suitable place to call home, you can't go wrong here.

Maheo II

Maheo II, a planet in Starfield
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If you're closing in on the mid-game portion around level 20, you'll want to find a planet with some of the rarer resources. This is where Maheo II shines.

Located in the Maheo system, roughly in the left-middle of the star map, you can find Water, Helium-3, Copper, Iron, Lead, Alkanes, Tetraflourides, and Ytterbium across the planet.

Some of these resources are very rare, so finding a cluster like this is perfect for later gaming crafting when you have the relevant skills to begin building better upgrades or modules.


Skink, one of the best outpost locations in Starfield
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Located in the Cheyenne system, Skink is a resource-rich planet with a variety of common and rare components to find, making it an ideal outpost location in Starfield. It contains, Water, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Fluorine, Cobalt, Silver, and Mercury.

One of the best aspects of this resource distribution is the combo of Copper and Silver, which allows you to begin fabricating Zero Wire. This item is common for suit and weapon upgrades, and you can easily set yourself up for the rest of the game, making Skink one of the best outpost locations in the game.

That is it for our guide to the best outposts in Starfield. For more, head to our Starfield homepage where you can find useful guides on the best mods, lockpicking, and how to earn credits fast.

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