How to sell weapons, items & gear in Starfield

How to sell weapons, items & gear in Starfield
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5th Sep 2023 12:54

Selling items is essential in Starfield, so you'll want to learn how to sell weapons, items, and gear in the game. There are lots of places to sell your stuff, and some are more helpful than others.

Certain vendors can be more reliable than others, and offer good stock as well as a place to offload all your unwanted stuff. We've covered the best vendor locations, how to get the best prices and make the most out of selling your items in Starfield below.

How can you sell weapons, items, and gear in Starfield?

A Trade Authority kiosk in Starfield.
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To sell items in Starfield, all you need to do is find a vendor that will buy things from you. However, not all vendors will purchase every type of item.

General merchants will buy just about everything you have, but they won't buy stolen items or contraband. You'll have to find specific vendors to sell that kind of item.

You can also sell things at the Trade Authority kiosk. You can find one of these in just about any major city. They're usually placed between your ship and the main part of the city, and you can interact with them to sell anything you want from your inventory or your ship's cargo hold.

Best vendors and prices in Starfield

Jemison Mercantile in Starfield where players can sell items.
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Here are some of the best vendors to sell items to in Starfield. Certain vendors will offer more for specific items, so it's worth knowing a few different vendors if you want to make money.

Jemison Mercantile is one of the easiest vendors to find. It's in New Atlantis, on the left side of the city after you leave the Spaceport and head into the district. You can sell just about anything here (not counting stolen goods and contraband).

Vladimir Sall is an excellent vendor for one reason - he will offer much better prices on survey data. If you're doing a lot of surveying you can sell all your data to him for a lot more than any other vendor. He doesn't buy all kinds of items though, and you'll have to reach the "Into the Unknown" main quest to find him.

The Trade Authority kiosks are a very handy way to sell your items, and so is Marcel Duris in The Den. He will buy anything you have. Additionally, you can visit The Key, home of the Crimson Fleet. They will buy whatever you have regardless of whether you obtained it legitimately or not.

To get the best prices we recommend levelling up your Commerce skill. This will give you a small boost to your profits when selling, but bear in mind your items will sell for a fraction of the buying price.

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