How to find smuggling missions in Starfield

How to find smuggling missions in Starfield
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Smuggling missions are one of the many ways to make money in Starfield. These missions are found after a small amount of time into the game, so you might not know how to find smuggling missions right away.

These missions can be a good way to make some quick credits, as long as you're not too concerned about the law. If you're roleplaying as an upstanding citizen, these missions might not be for you.

If they sound like something you'd be interested in, read on to learn about how to find smuggling missions in Starfield.

How do you find smuggling missions in Starfield?

You'll be able to find smuggling missions in Starfield through the Crimson Fleet - which is all about smuggling and generally straying far from the laws within the Settled Systems. It's here that you'll find mission boards that allow you to start smuggling missions in Starfield. 

But first, you'll need to actually find the Crimson Fleet.

How to find the Crimson Fleet in Starfield

The easiest way to find the Crimson Fleet in Starfield is by progressing through the UC Vanguard questline. Once you join up with the UC Vanguard faction it won't be long before you're introduced to the Crimson Fleet.

Progress through the questline until you've completed the "Grunt Work" quest. You'll be tasked with heading to a SysDef ship to go undercover with the Crimson Fleet.

From there, you can join the Crimson Fleet by completing their introductory missions.

After meeting the Crimson Fleet and proving yourself to them, you'll have free reign of their base called The Key in the Kryx system. It's on this base that you'll be able to access smuggling missions in Starfield.

How to start smuggling missions in Starfield

A list of missions, including smuggling missions, in Starfield.
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After you've made your way to the Crimson Fleet in Starfield, you'll be able to start smuggling missions by finding a Crimson Fleet mission board.

These mission boards will present you with various quests to complete on the side, including the aforementioned smuggling missions. Just scroll through the list until you find the smuggling missions (for us they were near the bottom).

After accepting a smuggling mission, you'll be able to select it from your missions menu. You'll have to smuggle contraband, so be careful not to get caught on your way to any planets owned by the other factions.

If you're caught with contraband on your ship, you'll be arrested and all your stolen goods will be confiscated.

That's everything you need to know about how to find smuggling missions in Starfield.

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