How to find the Sanctum Universum chest in Starfield

How to find the Sanctum Universum chest in Starfield
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If you picked the Raised Universal trait in Starfield, you'll want to get the Sanctum Universum chest to get your hands on some free loot.

This trait allows players to access a free chest inside the Sanctum Universum, the home of the Universal religion in Starfield. This religion is headed by Keeper Aquilus, a character from the main story of the game.

You can't say no to free loot, so if you've picked this trait we'll show you how to easily find the location of the Sanctum Universum chest in Starfield.

Where is the Sanctum Universum chest in Starfield?

The Sanctum Universum building in Starfield.
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You can find the Sanctum Universum chest inside a building in the MAST District of New Atlantis in Starfield. When travelling there by the train/subway you'll find yourself at the bottom of a ramp. Head up that ramp and keep going until you're in an open area.

From there, head to the left until you find the golden building pictured above. This building is the Sanctum Universum, and it's where you can find the Sanctum Universum chest if you have the Raised Universal trait.

Simply head inside the building and go to the left. You'll find a chest propped up against the wall inside an office. Open it up and enjoy your free stuff!

Starfield Sanctum Universum chest rewards

Keeper Aquilus from the Sanctum Universum in Starfield.
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If you have the right trait and you've found the Sanctum Universum chest, you can expect to find some free loot inside. Here's everything you can find in there.

  • Neocity Urbanwear (or another piece of apparel)
  • Med Packs
  • Heart
  • Random consumable item
  • Sanctum Universum books

It seems like the rewards found inside can differ slightly depending on your playthrough. Some players have found different apparel or consumables inside, but you'll always get something similar to the list above. You'll also get the Sanctum Universum books guaranteed - not that most players are likely to read them.

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