How to hire & assign crew in Starfield

How to hire & assign crew in Starfield
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7th Sep 2023 11:52

Starfield ship crews are a surprisingly in-depth part of the game. You can recruit all kinds of people to your crew, not just companions, and we'll show you how to do so in this guide.

Recruiting crew members to your ship will provide you with whatever benefits they come with. For example, one crew member might have proficiency in skills like Piloting or Lasers.

Here's everything you need to know about recruiting people to your ship's crew in Starfield.

How to hire crew in Starfield

To hire crew members for your ship's crew in Starfield, the best place to look is cities to search for recruitable people. These can be found in a variety of places.

For example, we found two crew members in the city of Neon on Volii Alpha. One was found in the Astral Lounge club and another was in Madame Sauvage's bar. Other bars are a good place to look for recruits, but you can find them in other places too.

Once you find someone to recruit you'll need to pay them or they won't want to join your crew. You can persuade them to join for a lower price if you want to try your luck - we were able to persuade someone to join for 6,000 credits rather than the original price of 12,000.

You can find named characters to join your crew, but you can also find unnamed crew members with titles like "Defence Specialist". You can also hire these specialists and assign them to wherever you see fit.

How to assign ship crew in Starfield

To assign your Starfield ship crew members, go to the menu and go to the ship section on the left. Press the button next to "Crew" to view your current crew members.

The interface for assigning crew members in Starfield.
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From this new menu, you can assign your crew members to certain ships or outposts. The crew members will leave to go to wherever you've assigned them.

To assign to an outpost you'll need to have a Crew Station there for them to work at. You'll need room on your ship if you want to assign them there - bigger ships can be purchased in cities or you can upgrade your own.

None of these assignments are permanent, and you're free to move them around as you desire. Some crew member's skills will be better suited to specific tasks, so pay attention to the skills they have!

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