All Starfield console commands & item IDs on PC, from god mode to noclip

All Starfield console commands & item IDs on PC, from god mode to noclip
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  • Console commands can be used enable god mod, unlock doors, or even open up the character creator again
  • Item IDs can be used to spawn different types of ammo, weapons, and more
  • Using some console commands will disable achievements, but mods can be used on PC to avoid this

As is standard in Bethesda's sprawling RPGs, Starfield has its own list of console commands for you to use that let you enter noclip or god modes or spawn all kinds of items.

You're free to use them as much or as little as you like in the game - as long as you're on PC. I've often found myself wishing I had a few more credits or ammo in a pinch, and you can use these commands to add items you might be lacking or completely shake up your playthrough. 

How to use console commands

The first thing you'll want to know is how to actually use these console commands in Starfield. Thankfully, it's as easy as pressing the ~ (tilde) key on your keyboard. This is typically found in the top left of most boards, above the TAB key, and pressing it should bring up a window where you can enter any console command that you like.

  • The command itself might be different on keyboards outside of the US, however, with the command being the '"' key on UK keyboards and the 'Ö' key on German devices
  • From there, just enter your desired command and press enter to activate it in-game
  • For some, like the unlock command, you'll have to click on the item that you wish to unlock to target the command

Additionally, other commands do require a specific custom value to be inputted too, like increasing your carry capacity, adding an item ID to your inventory or setting your player level, so that will need to be taken into account as well.

Image showing you how to use console commands in Starfield
Click to enlarge

Starfield console commands list

Below is a (very, very long) list of every console command in Starfield that we know of alongside a breakdown of what each one does. You might want to make sure you've got your reading glasses handy for this:

  • tgm - Toggle God Mode
  • player.setav carryweight (carryweight number) - Changes carryweight capacity
  • additem (Item ID) (Value) - Adds Items
  • tim - Toggle Immortal Mode
  • psb - Unlocks all available powers.
  • player.removeperk (Perk ID) - Remove Skills, Traits, or Backgrounds
  • player.addperk (Perk ID) - Add Skills, Traits, or Background
  • tdetect - Toggle Detect
  • tcai - Toggle Combat AI
  • tcl - Toggle No Clip
  • tm - Toggle Menus
  • tfc - Toggle Freefly Camera
  • (Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID) - Attach Weapon Mods
  • (Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID) - Remove Attached Weapon Mod
  • killall - Kill All NPCs
  • kah - Kill All Hostiles
  • resurrect - Resurrect NPC
  • unlock - Unlock Doors and Containers 
  • sexchange - Changes your characters gender
  • showmenu sleepwaitmenu - Shows the sleep / wait menu without having to use a bed or chair
  • player.setlevel (Value) - Increase Character Level
  • player.additem (Item ID) (Value) - Add the specified '(Item ID)' item to your inventory.
  • player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value) - Spawns Item
  • player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID) - Pay Off Bounties
  • showlooksmenu player 1 - Open Character Creator
  • saq - Start All Quests 
  • caqs - Complete Main Quests
  • ShowHighMaxHeights (shmh) - Shows or hides the high res max height data
  • EnableStoryManagerLogging - Enable story manager logging
  • DumpPapyrusStacks (dps) - Dumps all Papyrus stack information the log
  • DumpPapyrusTimers - Dumps all Papyrus timer registrations to the log
  • DumpPapyrusLOSEvents - Dumps all Papyrus LOS event registrations to the log
  • DumpPapyrusDistanceEvents - Dumps all Papyrus distance event registrations to the log
  • DumpPapyrusPersistenceInfo (dppi) - Dumps everything in Papyrus persisting the reference called on, or passed
  • DumpPapyrusEventRegistrations - Dumps all Papyrus event registrations for the specified object (and script)
  • RunCompaction - Runs compaction
  • SetSubgraphToDebug - Subgraph To Debug
  • EnableRumble - Enables / Disables rumble
  • HavokVDBCapture - Havok VDB Capture
  • ToggleNavmeshInfo - Toggle a view mode similar to the map camera and displays navmesh infos
  • PlaySyncAnim - Play Sync Anim
  • SetFormKnown - Sets the known flag on a form
  • SetDebugQuest - Sets the quest to be the only one startable from its event type
  • SetQuestAliasLogging - Turns alias logging on/off for a quest
  • SetRace - Sets the passed in actor's race
  • FindForm (find) - Find a form
  • StartPapyrusScriptProfile (StartPSP) - Starts profiling a Papyrus script
  • StopPapyrusScriptProfile (StopPSP) - Stops profiling a Papyrus script
  • StartPapyrusFormProfile (StartPFP) - Starts profiling Papyrus scripts on a form
  • StopPapyrusFormProfile (StopPFP) - Stops profiling Papyrus scripts on a form
  • StartPapyrusStackRootProfile - Starts profiling all Papyrus stacks starting at a script
  • StopPapyrusStackRootProfile - Stops profiling all Papyrusstacks starting at a script
  • TogglePapyrusGlobalProfiler (TPGP) - Toggles Papyrus global profiling on and off (profiles everything)
  • PrintQuestSceneInfo - Prints to the Quest Inf file the current state of scenes
  • IsInvulnerable - Is the actor invulnerable?
  • CollisionMesh - Toggle Mesh Collision Info
  • HavokWorldStep (hkstep) - Toggle BhkWorld Havok Step Info
  • IsolateRendering - Enable isolated rendering for selected object
  • ToggleWaterCurrentGeometry - Displays or hides water current geometry
  • PerformAction - Performs the specified action on the selected actor
  • StartTrackPlayerDoors - Starts tracking player-activiated teleport doors
  • StopTrackPlayerDoors - Stops tracking player-activated teleport doors
  • CheckPlayerDoors - Compares the Tracked Player path with the quest target path
  • SetInChargen - Toggles aspects of Chargen Mode on/off 
  • ForceReset - Force the game to run a full reset
  • ForceCloseFiles - Close masterfile and plugins
  • HotLoadPlugin (HLP) - Load or reload the named plugin
  • GenerateBendableSpline (Spline) - Generate a bendable spline geometry instance
  • Reload (Papyrus script) - Reloads the specified '(Papyrus script)' Papyrus script
  • TestAim - Test an actor's aim
  • TestLook - Test an actor's looking
  • PushCamera - Push camera to editor
  • MoveToEditorCamera - Move to the editor camera
  • MoveToEditorSelection - Move to the editor selection
  • PlaceFurnitureTester (PFT) - Place actor, who will use the selected furniture
  • DumpConditionsFunctions - Output the current counters for condition function calls
  • ReloadAnimationGraphs - Reload the currently loaded animation graphs
  • ToggleWeaponOverlay - Toggle the weapon overlay
  • ForceDetect - Forces the selected actor to detect the specified actor
  • ChangeAnimArchetype (caa) - Change the selected actor's anim archetype
  • ChangeAnimFlavor - Change the selected actor's animal flavor
  • SetAngryWithPlayer - Set the angry with player flag
  • ForceRepath - Force the actor to repath
  • ForcePathFailure - Force the actor's path to fail
  • DumpFormList - Dump the contens of given formlist to the console output
  • TraceAnimationEvents - Trace an actor's animation events
  • ShowMods - Show all property mods on an object
  • DumpInputEnableLayers - Dumps all currently used input enable layers to the console
  • AttachMod - Attach a mod to an object
  • RemoveMod - Remove a mod from an object
  • SpawnTemplatedObject - Spawn a ref to a templated object
  • CallFunction - Calls a papyrus function on the targeted ref
  • CallQuestFunction (cqf) - Calls a papyrus function on a quest
  • CallGlobalFunction (cgf) - Calls a global papyrus function
  • ResetInputEnableLayer - Resets all control disables on a specific input enable layer
  • ForceEnablePlayerControls (fepc) - Force-enables the player's controls, regardless of layers, see
  • ResetEnablePlayerControls (fepc) - Force-enables the player's controls, regardless of layers, see
  • ResetForceEnabledPlayerControls - Resets all force-enabled player controls
  • GetActorRefOwner - Prints the owner of the currently selected reference
  • SetActorRefOwner (saro) - Sets ownership of the currently selected reference to the specified actor 
  • HasActorRefOwner (haro) - Returns 1 if the currently selected reference has an owner, or 0 otherwise
  • SetOutfit - Change the default outfit for the actor
  • PassTime - Passes the given number of hours asif the player were sleeping
  • LinkLocations - Links two locations under the given keyword
  • ShowLinkedLocations - Outputs all locations linked to the given one under the given keyword
  • SetLinkedRef - Links the current ref to the given one under the given keyword
  • ResetContainer - Resets the currently selected container, or if you specify "1", then it'll reset all containers
  • SetSceneForDebug - Sets the current debug scene
  • PreloadExterior - Preloads the exterior data for the currently selected ref
  • TestPath - Debug function to test a path
  • ToggleControlsOverly - Toggle Controls Overlay
  • Refresh - Rebug function to refresh a reference
  • DynamicResolution - Change the dynamic resolution settings
  • TestLoadingMenu - Debug function to open/close the Loading menu in the Loading thread
  • RecalcInstanceData - Debug function recalc instance data for the selected ref or all loaded refs if nothing is selected
  • ToggleReferencePose - Roggles forcing an animgraph for the selected actor to be in the reference pose
  • SetPersistLocation - Debug function to set the persist loc on reference
  • SetLocationRefType - Debug function to set the loc ref type for a location on a reference
  • ShowLocData - Debug function to dump data about a location
  • ReserveLoc - Debug function to reserve a location so it can't be used for most aliases
  • UpdateAwakeSound (UAS) - Update the selected actor's currentl conscious loop
  • SetHarvested - Mark the current reference as Harvested or not
  • PauseScene - Pause or unpause the specified scene
  • SpawnDupe - Make a duplicate ref of the selected ref
  • DisableDistantReferences - Disable references more than a certain distance from the selected ref
  • FireAssert - Fire an assert (with text passed, if available)
  • ForcePersistent - Force a reference to become persistent
  • PlayActionCamera (pac) - Play this action camera on the reference with target reference
  • StopActionCamera - Stop the action camera
  • ChangeStance - Change the actor's stance
  • AuditionWwiseEvent - Set of commands for auditioning Wwise events
  • AuditionReverbForm (arf) - Force a given Reverb form to be active
  • SetWwiseState (sws) - Sets a global Wwise State
  • BuildAnimationData (bad) - Build the animation data for the actor
  • SwitchSkeleton - Toggles between standard and chargen skeletons for an actor
  • GetHelloorGreeting () - Add bone tint data to an object's 3d given a region ID (integer) of that object
  • SendDialogueEvent - Sends a dialogue event for the selected and target actor
  • SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysSucceed () - Player will always succeed at speech challenge
  • SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysFail () - Player will always fail at speech challenge
  • RunMaterialsAnalysis (rma) - Compares the materials of the selected reference
  • CaptureMessages (Message) - Captures specified '(Message)' DebugString, USER1 and USER2 messages using a Message Event Listener and sends the outout to CaptureMessage.Iua
  • ToggleTrijuice - Toggles Trijuicing in the renderer
  • SetPresentThreshold (spt) - Set percentage (0-100) of scanlines covered before swap threshold is hit
  • LinkFullAccount - Link full Bnet account to game-account: (username) (password)
  • IsLoggedIn (isonline) - Is the player logged in to
  • GetLegalDocs (getlegaldocs) - Retrieves a list of all required legal documents.
  • AcceptLegalDoc - Accepts a legal document based on its ID: acceptlegaldoc (id)
  • GetDataAttachment - Prints data from Profile Data Attachment: getattachment (type) (id)
  • DeleteDataAttachment - Deletes a Profile Data Attachment: deleteattachment (type) (id)
  • UploadCharacterData - Uploads character data playload as bnet Profile Data Attachment
  • GetAttachmentLeaderboard (getattachmentleaderboard) - Gets attachment leaderboard page: getattachmentleaderboard (attachment type) (leaderboard type)
  • LoadUnitedData - Gets character data from leadersboard and caches it
  • MakeUnityNPC - Updates NPC with data from unity cache
  • SetVolumetricLighting Parameters (vl) - Set volumetric lighting parameters
  • StartWorkshop (workshop) - Enter Workshop mode if the player is within the buildable area of a Workshop
  • ToggleVBlankOptim - Toggles VBlank optim
  • AddKeyword - Add the given keyword to the reference
  • RemoveKeyword - Remove the given keyword on the reference
  • SetAmbientParticlesEnabled - Enables(1)/disables(0) ambient particles
  • RemoveOutposts () - Removes the given Outpost and all built items
  • SetESRAMSetup - Force specific ESRAM setup (-1 for automatic setup)
  • CallStackTraceDepth - Set the callstack depth when tracing it
  • CommandedActivated - Commands selected actor to use a reference
  • EnableGalaxyMode - Enables/Disables galaxy mode
  • ToggleStarFieldDebug - Toggles the StarField debug on or off
  • SetStarFieldCoordinateScale () - Sets the StarField coordinate scale
  • SetStarSystemScale (sss) - Sets the star system scale
  • MoveToPlanet - If target player ship, move to or give path to pilot to (target) (1 to do full jump sequence)
  • SetOrbitSpeedScale - Sets global orbit speed scale
  • InstanceNamingRules - Export instance naming rule data to file INRExport.txt
  • GetOrbisModInfo - Prints info relating to Orbis mod game data files
  • ToggleSceneDebug - Show debug state for scene
  • SetFarClip - Set far clip value (-1 to clear override)
  • ToggleOverdraw - Toggle overdraw
  • RecordScene - Capture screen shots of scene
  • LandOnPlanet (lop) - Land on a planet
  • TakeOffToSpace - Take off to space
  • PreviewBodyResources (pbr) - Previews resources for a planet
  • SendAffinityEvent (AffinityEvent [ObjRef]) - Run an affinity event on an optional object reference
  • AddPower - AddPower (part) #
  • RemovePower - RemovePower (part) #
  • MatlockCapture - Force matlock to realize a capture
  • ToggleSnapNodeMarkers - Force matlock to realize a capture
  • ToggleSnapNodeMarkers - Toggle snap node markers
  • SetVoiceType - Set an override voice type on an actor
  • AddWorldSpaceToPlanet - Adds a world space to a planet
  • DebugDataProvider - Set the name of the UI Data Provider we want to debug
  • LoadAll3D - Load all queued 3D
  • PrintAllMenus (pam) - Print all active menus
  • PrintAllInputContext (paic) - Print the input context stack
  • AddPlotToBody (AddPlot) - Plot a route to this body
  • ReloadFaceData - Reload face data
  • SetGravityScale - Sets gravity scale on a ref's parent cell
  • PreviewBlock - PreviewBlock (blockname) (biome)
  • ExportTerrainTextures - Export terrain textures
  • ExportTerrainGrids - Export terrain grids
  • ExportTerrainHeightMap - Export terrain height map
  • ExportTerrainSplatMap - Explort terrain splat map
  • ExportTerrainMaterialIndexMap - Export terrain material index map
  • ExportTerrainFiles - Export terrain files
  • UpdateTerrainClipmaps - Refresh Terrain Clipmaps
  • ToggleDebugCamera - Toggle debug camera (mode name)
  • CyclePrevDebugCamera - Cycle to previous debug camera
  • CycleNextDebugCamera - Cycle to next debug camera
  • ToggleDebugCameraControls - Toggle debug camera controls
  • SetImGuiWindowFunction (siw) - Activate an ImGui window
  • HotReloadUI - Hot Reloads the User Interface SWFs
  • SetPosRelativeToRef - Script function to set the position of the picked ref relative to another ref (defaulted to the player)
  • FaceRef - Make a ref face towards another ref (defaulted to the player), with an extra angle offset
  • SetWorkshopItem - Set the Workshop menu's Node Cursor to the currently selected reference, if any
  • GenerateNavMesh - Generates nav-mesh on the current cell
  • LandOnPlanetAnimated - Land players spaceship with animation
  • startNewGame - Command to trigger new game on main menu without UI
  • ForcedBleedout - Force an actor to enter bleedout
  • ForceConditionFormTrue - Force a condition form to true. args: FromID, (enable)0/1, (permanent)0/1
  • ForceConditionFormFalse - Force a condition form to false. args: FromID, (enable)0/1, (permanent)0/1
  • LandOnPlanetBiome - Land on a planet's biome. (lopb (planetname) (biome index) [(centered)0/1])
  • LandOnPlanetMarker - Land at a marker on the current planet
  • TestAllPlanets - TestPlanets
  • ClearLinkedRef - Clear a linked reference
  • SetLocalTime - Sets the local time on the current planet, optionally updating the galaxy sim
  • ReloadMaterials - Reloads all materials
  • PlacementOnCell - Test overlay placement on a cell. (poc (cellindex.x)(xellindex.y))
  • ToggleWorkshopFlyCam - Toggle workshop flycam
  • CheckBiomeMarker - Finds uses in the loaded area of the given biome marker
  • TestBiomePlanet (tbp) - Creates a full planet set to use the given biome exclusively and puts the player there
  • PreviewPattern - Preview Pattern (patternname)(biome)
  • SetHavokDynamic - Set reference motion to dynamic with optional mass in kg
  • SetHavokKinematic - Set reference motion to kinematic
  • SetHavokActive - Set reference havok activity
  • SetHavokLOD - Set reference collision lod
  • SetHavokLinearVelocity - Set reference linear velocity
  • SetHavokAngularVelocity - Set reference angular velocity
  • SetHavokCollisionLayer - Set havok collision layer
  • SetHavokRagdollFriction - Set havok ragdoll friction
  • SetHavokParam - Set havok param
  • ShowHavokRagdollValues - Show havok ragdoll values
  • StartHavokPartTest - Start/reset havok particles test
  • StopHavokPartTest - Stop havok particles test
  • SetOrientation - Set reference orientation
  • ToggleDebugText3D - Toggle in game debug text
  • ToggleBioOverlay - Toggle the BI Overlay
  • ToggleMetricViewer - Spawn Metric Viewer
  • PrintMessage - Print a message to the screen 
  • AddDebugTest - Add debug text to a reference 
  • DisableActorPackage - Disable or enable an actor's package 
  • StopBatchFile - Stop a running batchfile
  • CenterOnSpaceCell - Move to the specified space cell, optionally specify a ship
  • DependencyGraphDump - Dump Dependency Graph
  • ToggleExperimentalShaders - Toggles experimental shaders on/off
  • SetTestPlanetAndBiome - Sets a test planet and biome for interior testing with biome markers

Do console commands disable achievements?

Yes, some console commands in Starfield disable achievements, so you might have to forgo those satisfying rewards if you're looking to have complete control over your game.

However, our best mods guide covers a way to reactivate these, so you're not completely out of luck if you're set on unlocking achievements.

Image of the disable achievements warning for console commands in Starfield
Click to enlarge

While not every console command will do this, certain selections will mark your current save game as 'Modded', thus disabling the ability to earn achievements as you play. Ones that we have tested that disable achievements are:

  • tgm
  • tmm 1
  • setscale
  • kill
  • killall

It seems like anything that has a significant impact on the game will disable achievements, so be careful when using those kinds of commands.

The only way to get around this is to reload a save before you used the console commands, or by downloading the Starfield Achievement Enabler from Nexus Mods.

Best item ID codes to use in Starfield

While many of Starfield's console commands found above work on their own, there are a few that require you to input an item ID to spawn specific items or ammo, for example.

These item IDs are an eight-character string of letters and numbers that you will need to figure out, but we've got all of the best Starfield item IDs for you below so you don't have to do all of the searching yourself. These codes include credits, Digipicks, ammo and other helpful items that you'll need a lot of in the game.


Item ID Ammo Type
000297F4 Creature Fire Ammo
000297F5 Creature Ice Ammo
0006497E Creature Electric Arc Ammo
0006497F Creature Pod Ammo
00064980 Creature Quill Ammo
00087588 Gravity Torpedo Ammo
00091157 Supernova Ammo
000AF70F Creature Rock Ammo
000AF710 Creature Spit AoE Ammo
000AF711 Creature Shout Ammo
000AF712 Creature Vomit Ammo
000AF713 Creature Explosive Ammo
000AF714 Creature Noxious Ammo
000AF715 Creature Oxygen Ammo
000B0ACE Creature Energy Orb Ammo
000V0ACF Creature Sonic Blast Ammo
000B2CCD Solar Flare Beam Ammo
0018DEC2 Creature Spit Ammo
0020BA5E Beam Ammo
002197C1 Terrormorph Roar Ammo
002F3F22 Gravity Torpedo Ammo
002F3F23 Gravity Torpedo Ammo
004AD3E 7.77mm Caseless Ammo
002B558F 6.5mm MI Array Ammo
002B5590 6.5mm CT Ammo
0000E8EC 3kV LZR Cartridge Ammo
002B558B Heavy Particle Fuse Ammo
002B4AFB Caseless Shotgun Shell Ammo
002B5595 11mm Caseless Ammo
002B5597 .50 Caliber Caseless Ammo
002B558E 7.5mm Whitehot Ammo
00179DAD Mine, CE-155
0022D26C Missile, Devastator 1510
0022D26D Missile, Devastator 1500
002B4AFC 15x25 CLL Shotgun Shell
00077D1E 11mm XPL Projectile
00239D41 11mm XPL Projectile
002B5593 11mm XPL Ammo
002B5595 11mm Caseless Ammo
002B5591 45mm XPL-P Ammo
002BAE3F 1.5kV LZR Cartridge Ammo
001504F3 Missile, Tsukisasu 50k
0022D250 Missile, Hunter-450
0022D251 Missile, Hunter-350
002B5596 .50 MI Array Ammo

General items

Item ID Item
f Credits
a Digipicks


Item ID Helmet
001F22BC Gran-Gran's Space Helmet​
0010A25E Incendiary UC AntiXeno Space Helmet (Legendary)
0001754F Mark I Space Helmet
0013F97B Peacemaker Space Helmet
65926 Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet (Legendary)


Item ID Spacesuit
001F22BC Gran-Gran's Spacesuit
65925 Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit (Legendary)
00225FC9 Monster Costume
0013F97D Peacemaker Spacesuit
0022B8F6 Repulsing Explorer Spacesuit (Epic)
0007B2B9 Sentinel's UC Antixeno Spacesuit (Legendary)


Item ID Weapon
0026D964 Auto-Rivet
0026D963 Big Bang
000547A3 Breach
0026D96A Bridger
0026D96B Coachman
23606 Magpulse
0002EB45 MagSniper
00000FD6 Razorback
0002CB5F Regulator
0026D960 Shotty
0026D95D Sidestar
0026D96D Urban Eagle

How to get & find item ID codes

Sarah Morgan in Starfield
Click to enlarge

If you can't find a particular item in the list above, you can also use the in-game console command window to help you:

  • Open the console command window (~)
  • Type 'help[#]' without the quotes, and replace the [#] with the name of the item that you're looking for
    • For example, if you were looking for the 11mm XPL item ID code, you would type 'help 11mm xpl'
  • Look for the eight-character string in brackets, found next to the item type
    • In this instance it should look something like 'AMMO: (002B5593) 11mm XPL', and it is the bit in the brackets that you're looking for
  • Copy the section within the brackets and use the player.additem console command found above to add it to your inventory

With that, your options are nearly limitless - just as long as you know the same of the item that you're looking for. This can be helpful for boosting your credits, getting some extra Digipicks for lockpicking, or bolstering your inventory with new weapons and ammo.

Can you use console commands on Xbox?

Sadly, it's not currently possible to use console commands on the Xbox version of Starfield. Even if you plug a mouse and keyboard into your Xbox, you won't be able to open the console menu. This means that the feature is exclusive to the PC version.

This was also the case for Skyrim and Fallout 4, and it's probably for a good reason. The use of some console commands can cause excess strain on the machine Starfield is running on. Spawning in a hundred robot companions and making them all supersized would likely cause several issues on the Xbox Series X, and especially the Series S.

As such, it's unlikely that console commands will ever come to Xbox, but this guide will be updated if Bethesda adds the functionality later down the line.

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Now that you're all up to speed with the different console commands and item IDs, check out our Starfield homepage, where you'll find guides on how to get the best ships, some great locations for outposts, or how to change FOV.

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