Starfield Aiming sensitivity: How to match Look & Aim sensitivity

Starfield Aiming sensitivity: How to match Look & Aim sensitivity
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Joshua Boyles


1st Sep 2023 10:23

Bethesda has always struggled to get aiming right in its first-person shooter games, and Starfield is no different with the aiming and look sensitivities wildly different by default.

Unlike most other first-person shooter titles, the camera sensitivity when you look around normally and when you aim down the sight of your weapon is vastly different. By default, you’ll find that your camera sensitivity is much lower when aiming down sights, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to be accurate with your shots.

Thankfully, there is an incredibly easy workaround to this issue in the game - and it doesn’t require any mods! So, here’s how to match your Look and Aiming sensitivity in Starfield.

How to match Aim and Look sensitivity in Starfield

Aim and Look sensitivity settings in Starfield
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Here are the simple steps you need to take to sync up your Aim and Look sensitivity in Starfield:

  • Press the pause button and navigate to the Settings menu
  • Enter the Controls submenu
  • Look for two option sliders titled “Aim Sensitivity V” and “Aim Sensitivity H
  • Set both of these sliders to 100%

Once these steps are completed, whatever you set your look sensitivity to will be matched by your aiming speed.

Why should you match Aim and Look sensitivity in Starfield?

Looking around the first main city you reach in Starfield
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It’s mostly down to personal preference, but matching your Aim and Look sensitivity in Starfield can drastically improve your aiming muscle memory - at least on PC.

Most competitive shooters like VALORANT, CS:GO, and Call of Duty all utilise a linear sensitivity between looking around normally and aiming down the weapon sights. This means that well-practised players know exactly how far to move the mouse to shoot at an enemy, no matter which aiming mode they’re using.

However, having different sensitivity for your Aim and Look camera settings can be beneficial if you’re using a controller. This is because it can be much harder to aim precisely with a controller when the camera sensitivity is set too high.

As such, players using a controller may wish to leave their Aim sensitivity on a lower setting, while PC players may prefer to keep their aim and look camera settings uniform.

That’s everything you need to know about how to match your Aiming and Look sensitivity in Starfield.

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