Will Starfield be on PS5? PlayStation support explained

Will Starfield be on PS5? PlayStation support explained
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Morgan Truder


31st Aug 2023 14:35

Starfield is arguably the biggest game of the year, but it could be without a PlayStation release which will upset many PS5 owners out there who want to dive headfirst into this massive space adventure.

There have been many questions about Starfield's cross-platform support ever since Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda, as it looks like the game is going to stay on Team Green for the considerable future.

Many Sony fans might still hold out hope that they will one day be able to explore the various planets, romance their companions, and even buy a house. We've got everything you need to know about whether Starfield will be on PS5 though, so make sure to continue reading below for the answers.

Is Starfield on PS5? Cross-platform support explained

Image of an astronaut in Starfield
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Starfield is not available on PS5, as you can only purchase and play the game on Xbox or PC right now.

This is due to the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft, making it a first-party studio and thus keeping any future games on the Xbox/PC platform. Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg has officially confirmed this on Twitter too, stating that Starfield is 'not a timed exclusive', making it clear that the game will stay put.

If any further developments are made regarding Starfield dropping on platforms other than Xbox and PC are revealed in the future, we'll be sure to update you right here accordingly.

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Will Starfield come to PlayStation in the future?

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It is highly unlikely that Starfield will come to PlayStation in the future, which is a shame for any players exclusively on the Sony platform who want to experience the game first-hand.

Exclusives in the video game sphere are no new thing, it is just a rarer occurrence in recent years for a game as big as Starfield to be exclusive to the Xbox platform. If you want to play the space adventure, we recommend that you either pick up a PC or an Xbox console, as the chances of it making it to the PS5 and beyond are very slim.

So, that wraps up everything you need to know about a potential Starfield PS5 release right now, letting you stay in the know if you're wanting to play the game on a PlayStation console.

Check out our Starfield homepage if you are planning to play it though, as there is so much that you can learn about the game in our many guides. If you do have an Xbox, find out if Starfield is on Xbox Game Pass here to maybe save some money.

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