How to earn credits fast in Starfield & best farming methods

How to earn credits fast in Starfield & best farming methods
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11th Oct 2023 17:23

Learning how to earn credits fast in Starfield is vital if you want to become the richest explorer in the universe.

Even if you're not a hoarder you'll probably want to get the best ships and lots of ammo, both of which can be achieved through earning credits fast. I often found myself spending tons of money on ammo - some weapons can eat up ammunition very quickly!

You'll need lots of money in Starfield to help you in your adventure, but luckily it's probably the most generous Bethesda RPG when it comes to letting you rack up the dosh. So if you want some pointers in the game for earning money as quickly as you can, check out our breakdown of how to earn credits fast in Starfield.

How to earn credits fast in Starfield: Contraband smuggling

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Some of the best ways to earn credits fast in Starfield involves smuggling and selling contraband, or building outposts for resource farming and then selling it on.

For the first one, you will need to secure a good source of contraband. While it can be found randomly when exploring, there is plenty of contraband all over the Settled Systems in random places. You'll know that you've found contraband as it has a unique look and symbol compared to most items. Oh, and it'll be worth an absolutely huge amount of credits too.

You might want to invest in ship parts that can shield your cargo so your contraband doesn't get spotted too. Taking this to the Trade Authority located in major cities like New Atlantis will let you earn thousands at a time, and if you reinvest it into better-shielded storage for more contraband, you can continue to rake in money.

How to earn credits fast in Starfield: Outposts & missions

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For our second method, building outposts and creating extractors will automatically collect and store resources for you. If you set up a few of these on various planets and leave them running while you explore or pass time in-game, you can return to collect your resources and sell them on to vendors. 

The biggest issue you will run into with this method is vendors running out of money when you sell your goods, so you'll need to get used to making rounds to various vendors in the systems. 

a mission board, one of the best ways to earn credits fast in Starfield
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Another way to earn credits in Starfield, which doesn't have the issue of limited vendor money, is mission boards. All major factions have mission boards you can interact with in their main building, such as the one in the lobby of Constellation. 

You can pick pretty simple missions from these, most of them taking no more than 10 or 20 minutes of playtime, and earn thousands of credits back for your work. 

That's our coverage of how to earn credits fast in Starfield, and now you know three of the best ways to consistently get money in the game.

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