Starfield ships: All parts, modules & ship customisation types explained

Starfield ships: All parts, modules & ship customisation types explained
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10th Sep 2023 16:48


If you're just now diving into Starfield and are keen on making the best ship possible, you'll need to know how customisation for parts, modules, and ship Class types work - and we've got a breakdown of it all here.

What's a space-faring adventure without a spaceship to match? Not much, and Bethesda Game Studios seems to agree, as one of the main parts of Starfield involves piloting your ship from planet to planet across the galaxy.

In addition, the game gives you plenty of customisation options to make your ship in Starfield even more unique to you - and another character you'll get to know along your journey. So, if you can't wait to dive into the latest sci-fi RPG, check out everything we know about ships and the customisation process in Starfield below.

Starfield ships explained: How do they work?

a small ship in Starfield
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Starfield ships are spaceships that you can fly from planet to planet during your adventure through the Settled Systems. 

All ships in Starfield are made up of individual modules and parts that can then be customised, affecting the stats of a ship and how it looks on the inside.

For example, you could add a module that gives you a bench that can be used to craft items on the ship, and then locate it inside the ship when moving around freely.

How many stats do ships have in Starfield?

the ship customisation screen in Starfield
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In Starfield, there are fourteen different types of main stats that you'll need to be aware of when building and customising them. These are:

  • BAL: Damage dealt by ballistics
  • Cargo: The carrying capacity for the ship
  • Crew Capacity: The crew carrying capacity of your vessel
  • Fuel: Governs how far you can travel before needing a refill
  • Hull: Essentially the ship's health
  • Jump Range: How much distance that can be travelled when using the Grav Drive
  • LAS: Damage dealt by laser weaponry
  • Mass: This is used to show how heavy your ship is, and the heavier the vessel, the slower it will move overall
  • Mobility: Used to indicate how your ship will control when in combat
  • MSL: Damage dealt by missile weaponry
  • Reactor: The amount of energy that can be allocated across your ship
  • Shield: Indicates how much damage your ship can absorb before it will start to take damage
  • Shielded Cargo: How much smuggled cargo your ship can carry without being detected
  • Top Speed: How fast your ship can go

While your ship in Starfield is your main mode of transport for getting to different planets and systems, it can also be used for ship-to-ship combat in outer space - but the types of weapons and fighting style you'll employ are down to you and how you customise the ship.

All Starfield ship parts & modules

an image of all the customisable ship parts in Starfield
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When customising or upgrading a Starfield ship, there are 13 different ship parts you can alter with new modules. These are:

  • Bay
  • Cargo Hold
  • Cockpit
  • Cowling
  • Docker
  • Engines
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Grav Drive
  • Hab
  • Landing Gears
  • Reactor
  • Shield Generator
  • Weapons

The modules you can use when changing or upgrading parts are dictated by your Starship Design skill, as each rank of this skill allows for better modules to be used.

All Starfield ships & their classes so far

a large ship in Starfield
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Starfield is absolutely chock-full of different ships to unlock and collect, and while some can be obtained for free, others will cost a fair chunk of credits in order to get them.

Additionally, each ship in Starfield is assigned a different Class, ranging from A-C, and is dependent on your ship's Reactor. Your first ship, the Frontier, is marked as Class A for example, and in order to access other ships within the B and C tiers, players will need to first level up their Piloting skill to the relevant ranks of three or four.

Below we've got a list of all of the different ships that we know of so far in Starfield, alongside their class details:

Ship Name Class Cost & requirement
Abyss Tracker C Purchased for 365,525 Credits in Paradiso
Celestial II B ???
Crimson Fleet Ghost III A ???
Crimson Fleet Haunt I A ???
Crimson Fleet Wight C Purchased for 300,000 Credits at The Key from the Crimson Fleet
Frontier A ???
Kepler R C High Price to Pay quest reward
Longsword I A ???
Marathon A ???

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Ship Name Class Cost & requirement
Mako A ???
Narwhal C Purchased for 455,400 Credits at Taiyo Astroengineering
Privateer B ???
Ranger B ???
Razorleaf A Mantis quest reward
Renegade C 450,000 Credits
Shieldbreaker B Purchased for 279,425 Credits at New Atlantis
Silent Runner C Purchased for 390,150 Credits at Hopetown
Slipstream II B ???
Star Eagle A The Hammer Falls quest reward

The Vista III ship in Starfield showing its class and stats
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Ship Name Class Cost & requirement
Starborn Guardian A Reward for New Game Plus after completing Constellation missions
Wanderwell A ???
Vista III C Purchased for 330,000 Credits in Neon at Ship Services
Voyager III C ???

As we learn more about the additional ship types in Starfield, alongside their Class and other details, we'll be sure to update you here accordingly - so make sure to check back soon!

That's all for our coverage of Starfield ships, and now you know a little more about them, such as their function in the game, the parts and modules you can use to build them, and the ship types you can buy.

For more guides on everything pertaining to Bethesda's latest RPG, be sure to check out our Starfield homepage, or alternatively, check out the best outpost locations in Starfield.

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