Can you visit Earth in Starfield?

Can you visit Earth in Starfield?
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2nd Sep 2023 13:51

You may want to know if you can visit Earth in Starfield, as the game allows you to explore dozens of solar systems - including our own - but is Earth just another planet you can touch down on or is it unavailable?

Starfield is a massive game that lets you explore the galaxy in an alternative future where humanity has discovered the grav drive and how to colonise the stars. With humanity scattered across the Milky Way, how has Earth been affected, and can you still visit it in the game? Check out if you can go to Earth in Starfield below.

SPOILER WARNING Light spoilers for the early hours of Starfield.

Can you visit Earth in Starfield?

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You can visit Earth in Starfield, and the game takes you to our solar system very early in the main quest, allowing you to touch down and explore what was once humanity's home if you choose. 

While this quest doesn't direct you to Earth itself, it will take you to a starship floating above Luna (our moon) and during this you can ask your companion what happened to Earth.

dialogue showing what happened to Earth in Starfield
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Here, you'll learn that the Earth's atmosphere began to degrade, causing it to become inhospitable to life. During this, the government's banded together to form the United Colonies and evacuated the planet within fifty years.

If you do visit Earth in Starfield, you'll find it's nothing but a vast, cold desert with no discernible features from humanity's past, meaning there are no traces of our civilisation to be found.

Can you visit Mars in Starfield?

an image of the Mars surface in Starfield
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You can also visit Mars in Starfield, and it's essentially become the capital planet of the Sol solar system by the time the game takes place. It's still inhospitable outside, but there are underground cities such as Cydonia that you can visit - and will need to visit as part of the main quest.

That's all for our explainer of whether you can visit Earth in Starfield, and now you know the planet is able to be explored even though it's long dead.

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