How to pick up, move, & throw items in Starfield

How to pick up, move, & throw items in Starfield
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2nd Sep 2023 12:49

You might be wondering how to pick up, move, and throw items in Starfield if you are familiar with older Bethesda titles where you could carry an item without adding it to your inventory.

Starfield is now here and for those looking for their next Bethesda RPG fix, it has all the features and idiosyncrasies you would expect such as mechanics like a lockpicking minigame, companions, factions to join, and much more. 

One feature that some players are struggling to work out in Starfield is how to pick up and move items without adding them to the inventory. Read below for a full explanation of the mechanics that works in the game.

How can you pick up, move, and throw items in Starfield?

To pick up and move items in Starfield, you need to hover your cursor over an item and hold down the interact button (E on PC and A on Xbox) for a little over one second. This will cause you to pick up the item and hold it in front of you, without adding it to your inventory. 

Once the item is in your hand, you can freely move around with it and manipulate the object to your liking. Pressing the left and right mouse buttons or the triggers on the controller will rotate the object, while pressing R on PC and X on Xbox will throw the item.

You can also spin around really fast to yeet it even further, though expect to lose whatever item you're holding this way.

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Those who played Skyrim will remember that picking up items like this was incredibly powerful, as you could take an item that's in full view of an NPC, move to somewhere more secluded, and steal it without getting caught; you'll be happy to know you can do the same thing when picking up items in Starfield.

It's also useful when changing the location of an item in your home or outpost, making decorating less of a chore. Just remember, you can only pick up and move items that are able to be added to your inventory.

That's all for our guide on how to pick up, move and throw items in Starfield, and now you know the feature has returned and just requires you to hold the interact button on a movable object.

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