How to find all snow globes in Starfield

How to find all snow globes in Starfield
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If you're looking for all the snow globe locations in Starfield, look no further. In this guide we've compiled a full list of all the snow globes as well as how to find them all.

The snow globes are an interesting collectable in Starfield. You don't get any achievements for collecting them, but you can get a unique spacesuit. The snow globes also serve as a way to revisit old landmarks on Earth like the pyramids or famous buildings.

You can even get the Old Earth spacesuit for collecting them all. I think they're a pretty cool bonus too - revisiting the ruins of famous landmarks is quite haunting.

If you're looking to grab all the snow globes in the game, read on for our full list of their locations!

Where are all the snow globes in Starfield?

The Pyramid remains on Earth in Starfield
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Snow globes can be found at the remains of landmarks on Earth in Starfield. However, Earth is a huge planet and most of it is a desolate wasteland, so you can't just discover them on your own.

To get snow globes you need to find books related to their location. For example, to find the Cairo snow globe you need to find and read "The Ancient Civilizations of Egypt".

After you've read the appropriate book, you'll get a new activity telling you where you can find the snow globe. Just set a course to that location through the mission menu and you'll land right next to the landmark and its associated snow globe.

How to find every snow globe in Starfield

The book used to locate the Cairo snow globe in Starfield
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Here's our full list of all the snow globe landmark locations in Starfield. I've included the location of the books you need to read - you won't be able to find the snow globes without them!

Snow Globe Book Location
London Oliver Twist Sinclair's Books in Akila City (speak to the vendor)
Cairo The Ancient Civilizations of Egypt Sinclair's Books in Akila City (speak to the vendor)
Hong Kong Maurice Lyon's Journal On a shelf next to Bill Starsap at the New Homestead Museum on Titan (Sol system)
New York Our Lost Heritage UC President's office in the MAST Tower (New Atlantis)
Osaka Kyosuke Nagata's Diary Found in Delgado's room in his office on The Key (behind a Master lock)
Los Angeles Hope Family Tree Ron Hope's office in Hopetown
Saint Louis Price of Destiny Benjamin Bayu's penthouse in the Astral Lounge
China Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics In a classroom on the ship orbiting Porimma II (second floor)
Dubai Race to the Heavens In the VIP room aboard the Siren of the Stars ship
Mars Rover Opportunity N/A Interact with the Mars rover display in the NASA Launch Facility when you reach it during the main quest. Check all exhibit stands so you don't miss it.
Moon Apollo Landing Sir Livingstone's Second Journal Go to your own room on the Lodge and find the book by your bed

How to find all NASA snow globes in Starfield

In addition to the regular snow globes, there are another four NASA globes you can find in Starfield.

The NASA globes work a bit differently to the other ones. You'll have to search the NASA Launch Facility when you get there during the main quest "Unearthed".

Here's the exact location of all NASA snow globes:

NASA Snow Globe 1

The first NASA snow globe in Starfield
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You'll find this snow globe on one of the desks inside a room opposite the elevator leading to the inside of the facility. You should pick this one up before powering the elevator to make sure you don't miss it.

NASA Snow Globe 2

The second NASA snow globe in Starfield
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This snow globe is resting on a chair outside the WC inside the NASA facility. It's at the end of the exhibition behind a big rocket display. You'll need to head inside the WC to pick up an audio log, and the globe is just outside.

NASA Snow Globe 3

The third NASA snow globe in Starfield
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This snow globe can be found when you get the quest step "Find information about the Prototype Grav Drive". Search for it on a desk near a door that needs powering.

NASA Snow Globe 4

The fourth NASA snow globe in Starfield
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This one is at the very top of the NASA facility. When you've wrapped up the quest inside the facility, head to the top of the facility's exterior and you'll find this globe right at the top. A boost pack makes it much easier to obtain.

By obtaining all these snow globes you can get your hands on the Old Earth spacesuit, which is probably one of the better spacesuits in the game.

Those are all the snow globes you can obtain in Starfield. Hopefully, this guide helped you out!

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