How to remove all Traits in Starfield: Adoring Fan, Wanted & more

How to remove all Traits in Starfield: Adoring Fan, Wanted & more
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8th Sep 2023 15:09

It's important to know how to remove Traits in Starfield if you're not happy with the ones you chose. Traits can affect the way you play Starfield, and you're forced to make a decision on which Traits you want at the start of the game.

For example, you might take the Extrovert Trait but find yourself exploring on your lonesome most of the time. If this is the case, you might be better off removing the Trait so you don't suffer the drawbacks.

If you end up disliking your Traits over time, you might want to get rid of them - here's how you can remove each trait in Starfield.

What are Traits in Starfield?

A character in Akila City, home of the Freestar Collective in Starfield.
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Traits are the special attributes you choose to give to your character in Starfield during character creation. You can choose up to three different traits, and each one comes with a benefit and a drawback of some kind.

For example, you can choose the Kid Stuff Trait and gain the ability to visit your parents at their home. However, the drawback is you'll have to pay them credits over time.

Unfortunately, there's no way to replace Traits with different ones, but you can use console commands if you're on PC and you don't mind a bit of cheating. Just bear in mind they will disable achievements as your save will be considered "modded".

If you want to remove your Traits, there are a lot of different ways to do it depending on the Trait you want to get rid of. Keep reading to find out how to remove each Trait in the game.

How to remove all Traits in Starfield

A space explorer in Starfield.
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Each Trait in Starfield has a unique method of removal. Some will require you to go to a medical centre, while others have their own special methods.

Here's a full list of each Trait in the game and how you can remove it:

Trait How to remove
Alien DNA Pay 10,000 at Reliant Medical or another doctor
Dream Home Go to Galbank in New Atlantis and tell them the bank can have the house
Empath Pay 10,000 at Reliant Medical or another doctor
Extrovert Speak to the head of the Church of the Enlightened
Freestar Collective Settler Speak to Elias Cartwright in Akila City
Hero Worshipped Talk to the Adoring Fan and choose one of the options to remove him from your crew. Or just kill him, if you prefer.
Introvert Speak to the head of the Church of the Enlightened
Kid Stuff Tell your parents you can't keep sending money back
Neon Street Rat Talk to Madam Sauvage in her bar in Ebbside on Neon

The Adoring Fan, who will accompany you if you choose the Hero Worshipped Trait.
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Trait How to remove
Raised Enlightened Speak to Andy Singh and tell him you don't want to be a part of the Enlightened
Raised Universal Speak to Keeper Aquilis and tell him you don't believe any more
Serpent's Embrace Speak to Mir'za in the UC Security Office
Spaced Pay 10,000 at Reliant Medical or another doctor
Taskmaster Speak to Andy Singh at the Church of the Enlightened
Terra Firma Pay 10,000 at Reliant Medical or another doctor
United Colonies Native Speak to Administrator Rookes in his office in New Atlantis
Wanted Pay 3,000 by speaking to a Bounty Hunter from the Trackers Alliance

That's it for the list of Traits in Starfield and how to remove them. Now you know where to head if you want to get rid of any particularly annoying Traits.

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