Starfield religions: All three explained

Starfield religions: All three explained
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23rd Aug 2023 10:00

The next Bethesda Softworks game features a bounty of rich worlds and cities to explore in outer space, and that includes a bunch of religions in Starfield. The lore is expected to be immense as different beliefs are likely to be tested throughout the story. Are current religious beliefs in our world be included as well? Here's what we know about all religions in Starfield. 

All fictional religions in Starfield

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Each Bethesda Softworks game, especially the RPGs, are expected to have immense worldbuilding, and it's no different within the religions in Starfield. Three were specifically mentioned within a recent Discord Q&A with two developers of the game. According to Gameranx, there's the Sanctum Universum, The Enlightened, and the House Va'ruun. You can discover them early if you get a special edition.

First, the Sanctum Universum is a new religion that's only a "couple decades old in [the] timeline," according to lead quest designer Will Shen. Despite how new the religion is, it's been gaining "a lot of prominence." They believe that the ability to travel in space "brings us closer to God." They're called by others the "Universals" and believe that the "grav jump is God's way of saying, 'I'm out here, come find me,'" said lead game designer Emil Pagliarulo.

Next, The Enlightened are a group of atheists. Pagliarulo says that "they teach that human beings have to take care of each other and they practice what they preach through various community outreach programs." 

Lastly, there's the House Va'ruun. This is the most mysterious religion within Starfield. They're a group of people that believe that a Great Serpent is speaking to them after grav jumping. They believe that it's saying, "Get onboard or be devoured when the Great Serpent encircles the universe." 

"In the game, you sometimes face off against House Va’ruun Zealots (as an enemy group), and that’s their motivation," said Pagliarulo in the Discord Q&A. "I recently got the House Va’runn logo tattooed on my wrist; so yeah, I dig them." You'll likely spot these zealots within the open worlds of Starfield.

There's likely more to the story for each of these fictional religions in Starfield. We'll find out when the game officially releases.

Are Earth-based religions in Starfield?

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Real religions like Christianity and Hinduism are canon in the Starfield storyline. However, Pagliarulo in the Discord Q&A confirmed that they "don't really focus on them." They'll be solely focused on the three religions outlined above.

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