Several ways to increase your carry capacity in Starfield that you need to know

Several ways to increase your carry capacity in Starfield that you need to know
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Carry capacity is important in Starfield, as it determines how many items you’re able to keep on you at any time. The more you explore, the more items you’ll be scavenging and adding to your collection.

So, it makes sense that players will want to increase their carry weight in order to hold more items. No one wants to be over-encumbered while walking around as it has a lot of negative effects like removing the ability to fast travel in the game.

We’ll show you how to increase your carry capacity in Starfield and hang on to more items at once.

How to increase carry capacity in Starfield with skills

The main way to increase carry capacity in Starfield is by levelling your Weight-Lifting skill. This skill determines how many kilograms you’ll be able to carry at any given point.

The more ranks of Weight-Lifting you unlock, the more items you’ll be able to haul around. Each rank will improve your carry weight by increasingly large amounts.

To increase your rank with this skill by completing challenges, you’ll need to sprint while hauling at least 75% of your maximum inventory capacity.

Other ways to increase carry capacity in Starfield

There are a variety of methods to increase carry capacity in Starfield outside of the skills, and we’ve listed a few below:

  • Companions
  • Your ship’s cargo hold
  • Food items

If you have companions with you, they can hold onto items for you. This is a good way to split your inventory and offload anything you don’t particularly need.

You can also place items in your ship’s cargo hold. This is obviously a lot bigger than what you can carry on your person, so you’ll be able to store lots of items here without worrying about being encumbered. You can also improve your ship’s storage with various upgrades to increase carry capacity further.

Additionally, certain food items can give you temporary boosts to your carry capacity. These can help in a pinch if you need to fast travel with lots of items on you.

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