How to buy a house in Starfield: All player homes listed

How to buy a house in Starfield: All player homes listed
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Chris Penwell & Morgan Truder


11th Sep 2023 09:33

Everyone wants to get on the property ladder, and Starfield is no different, causing many to wonder how to buy, or even build a house in the game. 

Starfield is a massive RPG that allows players to explore the deepest reaches of space. It stands to reason you're going to accumulate a lot of stuff so a house may be a good place to settle, especially if you're planning on marriage in the game. To get yourself prepared, give our infinite money glitch a read. 

Here is all you need to know about buying and building a house in Starfield. 

How to buy a house in Starfield 

Constellation from Starfield
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In the table below, we have listed all the different houses you can buy in the game, where they are and how you can buy them. There are a few different ways you can acquire a home in the game, and naturally, they are found in a variety of different locations:

House Location How to acquire  Description
Nesoi Dream Home  Nesoi By having the "Dream Home" trait and 125,000 credits One of the largest homes in the game on its own planet. It's so big, Mum and Dad can move in 
Parents House  New Atlantis This is completely free and only acquired by having the "Kid Stuff" trait  A nice apartment in New Atlantis, but you can only customise your room because it's not your home
The Lodge Room New Atlantis After completing a few missions for the Constellation, chat to Noelle about getting a room Small room, but still offers some storage space. One of the few homes you can fast travel to directly 
Sleep Crate Neon 6,500 Credits  Very small place, mainly for sleeping in but you can still customise the house and store some items here 
The Well apartment  The Well in New Atlantis  30,000 Credits  Once you become a citizen of the United Colonies you can purchase this simple, but well-located apartment
Stretch house  Akila City Bought from Ngodup Tate for 45,000 Credits  One large room with a series of dividers to break up the space 
Core Manor  Akila City Bought from Ngodup Tate for 78,000 Credits  Akila City's nicest property on offer to the players 
Sky Suite  Neon 235,000 Credits The most expensive home on offer to players despite being another one-room apartment. It's all about the location, here 
Mercury Tower Penthouse  New Atlantis Reward for becoming a Class One Citizen By far the nicest and most spacious home in the game that you can earn and it is free
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Can you build bases in Starfield?

a planet on Starfield
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Screenshot via Bethesda Softwork's YouTube channel

You can also build bases in Starfield, which are called outposts. These can be built nearly anywhere on any of the game's planets or moons, and require you to collect resources. 

Outposts are modular, so you can attach different rooms and sections to each other, slowly building your outpost out. On top of living in them, you can use outposts to collect specific resources, and even staff them with companions or crew to get extra bonuses from them.

There are different resources you can gain depending on the planet you place the base on, so choose wisely.

That is all there is to know about acquiring a home in Starfield. For more Starfield guides, keep reading GGRecon. Alternatively, learn about all the Starfield skills and how they work.

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