How to complete 'Eye of the Storm' quest in Starfield

How to complete 'Eye of the Storm' quest in Starfield
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In this guide, we'll show you how to complete the Eye of the Storm mission in Starfield as part of the Crimson Fleet questline.

Eye of the Storm is a late Crimson Fleet mission which is the culmination of all the previous quests and your search for Kryx's Legacy. You've completed all the prerequisites, and now it's finally time to head to the Legacy and see it for yourself.

We'll show you how to complete each step of the quest in the game and make your way to Kryx's Legacy safely, as well as what happens after.

How to find Kryx's Legacy in Eye of the Storm

Before you can find the Legacy and complete Eye of the Storm in Starfield, you'll need to return to the Key and speak with Delgado. You'll then need to install the comspike module and the conduction grid module on your ship.

Speak to Jasmine and she can install these modules for you for free. You'll need to head to the Ship Builder menu and place each module on your ship, but they won't cost you anything. Once they're installed, head to the UC Vigilance to inform them about what's happening.

You'll now have to fast travel to Bannoc IV, which is a gas giant. You need those modules to get you through the gas giant towards the Legacy which is somewhere within it.

Put everything into your ship's engines and quickly boost towards the waypoint to board the Legacy before the storm destroys your ship - I was taken off-guard by how quickly the ship was being damaged the first time through.

How to complete the Eye of the Storm quest

Now that you've boarded the Legacy, follow the waypoints and feel free to listen to any of the audio logs dotted around the ship along the way. You'll need to grab the transfer module next to a nearby corpse once you reach the waypoint.

Open the vault door and fight your way through all the robots and turrets until you reach the Vault Control Center. You can use digipicks to open certain doors to reach it quicker, or just run through and gun down all the robots you see.

Once you've made it to the control room, pick up the audio log and legendary Revenant weapon on the console (and any of the credits lying by Jasper Kryx's feet) then press whatever buttons the game tells you to press. This will start transferring all the credits from the Legacy's vault.

You're not done yet. The ship will start to destroy itself the second you transfer the credits, so you'll have to sprint all the way back to your ship as it explodes around you. You might end up with some lung damage from all the toxic gas so Injectors may come in handy.

Finally, when you return to your ship your choice of jump destination will determine your final allegiance to either UC SysDef or the Crimson Fleet. Make your decision carefully as you'll be forced to fight against the other side in the final mission, Legacy's End.

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