Starfield modules and outposts guide

Starfield modules and outposts guide
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Outposts are back in Starfield, giving players the ability to create bases on a number of different planets, and we've got everything you need to know about the different modules and locations that you can use.

While they were very much popularised in Fallout 4, Starfield makes great use of the various outposts, letting you store an abundance of items and set up specific companions to keep things running tightly. There are so many places that you can set up base in the game too, and we very much recommend doing so whenever the opportunity presents itself on a new planet.

So, make sure to continue reading to find out more about outposts in Starfield, as we've got the best tips and tricks that you'll need to master the modules and locations below.

What are Starfield outposts?

Starfield outposts are essentially base camps that you can set up nearly anywhere on any planet in the game.

They are highly customisable and modular, allowing you to create outposts in many different shapes and sizes, that serve various purposes.

For example, you could make an outpost designed for living in and storing your main loot, or you could create an outpost for harvesting specific resources.

Outposts in Starfield can also be manned by companions and crew, giving them added bonuses and something for the NPCs to do when they aren't adventuring by your side. 

an image of building an outpost in Starfield
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Outposts are built from modules, which are individual rooms or buildings that you can construct and join together. Each module will require a certain amount of resources to be built, so you will need to scavenge and think about what resources you need before beginning construction. 

All Starfield modules & build requirements

an outpost in Starfield, made up of modules
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Here are all of the Starfield outpost modules that you can use within your base, alongside the build requirements for each one:

Module Build Requirements
Ballistic Turret Mk 1 2x Beryllium, 3x Lead, 4x Iron
Cargo Link 2x Beryllium, 2x Zero Wire, 12x Aluminium, 20x Iron
Cargo Link - Inter System 1x Comm Relay, 3x Gauge, 12x Aluminium, 20x Iron
Chlorine 3x Copper, 4x Nickel, 5x Aluminium
Chlorosilanes 3x Iron, 4x Nickel, 5x Aluminium
Cooking Station 3x Alkanes, 3x Copper, 4x Iron
Crew Station 2x Iron, 3x Nickel, 5x Aluminium
Engineering Robot 1x Positron Battery, 2x Uranium, 3x Zero Wire, 4x Titanium
Fueled Generator 1x Austenitic Manifold, 1x Isocentered Magnet, 1x Tau Grade Rheostat, 4x Tungsten

More modules below...

Module Build Requirements
Garden Mini Bot 2x Zero Wire, 3x Beryllium, 4x Aluminium
Industrial Light 3x Zero Wire, 4x Adaptive Frame, 4x Xenon
Industrial Wall Light 1x Aluminium, 1x Argon, 1x Copper
Industrial Workbench 3x Iron, 4x Aluminium
Landing Pad - Small 20x Iron, 88x Aluminium
Landing Pad with Shipbuilder 2x Beryllium, 2x Zero Wire, 18x Adaptive Frame, 30x Iron
Laser Turret Mk 1 2x Beryllium, 2x Chlorine, 3x Fluorine, 4x Aluminium
Light Post 2x Xenon, 3x Copper, 4x Aluminium
Mission Board 2x Beryllium, 2x Zero Wire, 4x Aluminium

More modules below...

Module Build Requirements
Pharmaceutical Lab 3x Benzene, 3x Iron, 4x Aluminium, 4x Chlorine
Powered Switch 2x Aluminium, 2x Copper
Research Lab 2x Beryllium, 2x Copper, 4x Aluminium
Sanitation Mini Bot 2x Zero Wire, 3x Beryllium, 4x Aluminium
Scan Booster 2x Beryllium, 3x Copper, 4x Aluminium
Self-Service Bounty Clearance 2x Beryllium, 2x Zero Wire, 4x Aluminium
Simple Fabricator 2x Sealant, 3x Zero Wire, 4x Tungsten, 8x Aluminium
Solar Array 2x Beryllium, 3x Copper, 4x Aluminium
Spacesuit Workbench 3x Fiber, 4x Aluminium, 4x Cosmetic

More modules below...

Module Build Requirements
Storage - Gas 3x Adaptive Frame, 5x Tungsten, 6x Copper
Storage - Liquid 3x Adaptive Frame, 5x Nickel, 6x Aluminium
Storage - Solid 3x Adaptive Frame, 5x Aluminium, 6x Iron
Tick Turret Mk 1 1x Chlorine, 2x Fluorine, 2x Zero Wire, 3x Aluminium
Transfer Container 4x Lubricant, 5x Tungsten, 8x Iron
Warehouse - Small 3x Adaptive Frame, 5x Titanium, 6x Aluminium
Water Vapor 3x Benzene, 4x Membrane, 5x Aluminium
Weapon Workbench 2x Nickel, 3x Adhesive, 3x Sealant, 4x Iron
Wind Turbine 2x Cobalt, 3x Nickel, 5x Aluminium

Outpost modules are also affected by your skills, as the Outpost Engineering skill has an effect on the types of modules you can construct.

Where can you build outposts?

an outpost on a cold moon in Starfield
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Outposts in Starfield can be built nearly anywhere on every planet, meaning they aren't limited to specific locations like the settlements in Fallout 4.

However, there are still some limitations to the system. For example, by default, you can't build outposts on planets with extreme temperatures, or extreme gravity, and will need to put points into the Planetary Habitation skill to unlock the ability to build in these locations.

This same skill also increases the number of outposts you can build throughout the Settled Systems, maxing out at 16 outposts if you get rank four in Planetary Habitation.

That's our full breakdown of Starfield outposts, and now you know more about their role in the game and how they work, along with the various modules you can use to construct them.

Check out our Starfield homepage for more guides to assist you on your space adventure. Alternatively, find out what the best Starfield mods are in our guide.

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