Starfield ammo: How to get more, where to farm & buy for cheap

Starfield ammo: How to get more, where to farm & buy for cheap
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3rd Sep 2023 10:48

If you're looking at how to get more ammo for cheap in Starfield, we've got you covered with a breakdown of how to acquire tonnes of bullets for all your weapons without breaking the bank.

Starfield is here, and gamers are jumping in to explore the Settled Systems and all its planets. With the game taking place in the vastness of space, there are lots of places to get into combat, so you can run out of ammo easily. Luckily, in one of the best ships you won't have this problem, but when using your own guns, you can run out quite quickly.

So, check out our coverage of how to get cheap ammo in Starfield, along with some other ways to ensure you are always topped up.

How to buy cheap ammo in Starfield

an image of the UC Distribution Center, the best place to buy ammo cheap in Starfield
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To get cheap ammo in Starfield, you'll want to head to the UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis city and purchase it. 

This building can be found in the Commercial District of the city. We recommend spawning in this district and immediately following the path forward on your right side. Don't go up the ramp when you get to it, and keep going forward and the building is right there.

Just head inside and talk to the vendor to start purchasing ammo. Credits are bountiful in Starfeld, and you can easily get thousands for doing quick activity quests, exploring, or smuggling contraband

While the ammo will seem expensive, relative to the amount of money you earn and the rate at which you earn it - it's not much at all. Plus, once you have a lot of ammo, as long as you keep looting enemies you kill, you should get back most of what you expend in combat.

Best way to get more ammo in Starfield

the Scavenging skill in Starfield
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On top of the method above, one of the best ways to get ammo in Starfield is by getting the second rank of the Scavenging skill. This can be found in the first tier of the Social skill tree, and it gives you a chance of netting extra ammo when searching containers.

Getting Scavenging early is easy, and you'll quite quickly begin building up a surplus of ammo that doesn't cost you anything. 

That's all for our coverage of how to get more ammo for cheap in Starfield, and now you know an easy way to buy lots of ammo in New Atlantis city, along with an extra way to keep yourself topped up.

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