24 best Sims 4 mods to download in 2024 for CAS, gameplay & more

24 best Sims 4 mods to download in 2024 for CAS, gameplay & more
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Mods in The Sims 4 can be a tad overwhelming, as there are absolutely loads available for download, with custom content creators adding new features or expanding on what's in the game's many Expansion Packs and DLC.

Money cheats can be used to give your Sims a lifestyle of the rich and famous, but mods can do so much more. So we've curated a rundown of the best mods that can add a new coat of paint to The Sims 4, whether you're looking for new storyline opportunities, CAS features, or simply want some quality-of-life adjustments.

Best CAS mods to download in The Sims 4

Below you'll find a selection of Create-A-Sim mods that we'd consider essential in The Sims 4, adding quality-of-life fixes, nostalgic throwbacks and more to the game:

#7 - CAS Lighting

Image of a Sim
Click to enlarge

I'm putting this mod right off the bat because you'll find it used in a fair amount of images throughout this list - and for good reason. It's a simple one, but I love the neon shadow it casts across a Sim alongside the smoothly lit spotlight that helps to show off your Sim as you're making them.

Created by SimplyAnjuta, this mod replaces CAS's default lighting, with plenty of different options that you can use, from the 'CityLight' variant I've chosen to use to another called 'Torchlight' that casts a few more shadows across a Sim's face.

The one I use is great for CAS photos, especially closeups, and I've found that you can combine this with other mods if you so choose as well. The creator has a few additional options available too, including 'Golden Light', 'Daylight, and 'Spotlight', so there's a decent amount of variety to find something that works for you. 

#6 - Height Slider

Image of the height slider mod in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

The Height Slider mod by Luumia, as the name implies, adds varying heights for Sims in The Sims 4. When using CAS with this mod installed, all you need to do is to click and hold on your Sim's neck, and it'll get taller or smaller depending on which direction you drag.

This adds some much-needed variation to Sim's heights outside of their life stages, but it does mean that some animations between Sims may not line up quite as well - so it's worth considering that before installing this to your game.

#5 - Stand Still in CAS

Image of a Sim standing still in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

Many Simmers will be able to relate to how irksome it can be to be trying to pick an outfit for your Sim, take a screenshot of them, or tweak a part of their face before they end up moving around.

With the Stand Still in CAS mod by MizoreTukii, your Sim will stand in a slight T-pose, helping you to create them without them reacting to body, facial, trait, or outfit changes.

An additional mod created by Shooksims and Shrimrod is also available to download that removes all Occult animations, including the infamous hissing, giggling, spellcasting, and howling animations in CAS.

#4 - TS2 CAS Background Room Replacement

Image of TS2 Background CAS Replacement mod in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

If you're feeling nostalgic, TS2 CAS Background Room Replacement by Simsi45 replaces the gradient CAS background of The Sims 4 with a recreation of the iconic studio background that many millennial Simmers will have grown up with.

Even if you're not nostalgic for The Sims 2, there's an optional lighting mod that can be downloaded for CAS that has a golden hue rather than the blue-green tint that can sometimes make colours a little harder to gauge. 

What's more, the mod is also compatible with The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs Expansion, so your Sim's furry friends can also benefit from it.

#3 - EA Eyelashes Remover

Closeup image of a Sim in CAS
Click to enlarge

Regardless of whether you're a Maxis Match or an Alpha custom content user, we'd say that the EA Eyelashes Remover mod by Kijiko is essential.

As the name suggests, the mod removes the default eyelashes on Sim's eyes, which tend to look more like line eyeliner than actual lashes on certain eye shapes.

With this installed, the thick black band eyes will be banished to the beyond, making using mods like Kijiko, Miiko, or MMSIM's much cleaner (as shown in the image above), adding all manner of fluttering, wispy lashes to use on your Sims.

#2 - Tidy Details & Tidy Tattoos

Image of the Tidy details mods shown in the UI of The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

The Tidy Details & Tidy Tattoos mod by soaringsparrows is fundamental if you're like me and have more mods installed than you can even count.

When heading to the facial details or tattoo menus, as shown above, this mod adds labels between each category, which works great for layering. Without this mod, I've gone to select an eyebag layer or a freckle layer to then find out that one cancels the other out.

With Tidy Details & Tidy Tattoos, though, you'll be able to easily tell which layer is grouped where, helping you to better avoid a layer disappearing from your Sim's carefully crafted face.

What's more, the mod also comes with variants for accessories and acne, so you can layer these in their CAS categories too.

#1 - More Columns in CAS

Image of one of the best Sims 4 mods, More Columns
Click to enlarge

The More Columns in CAS mod, created by Weerbesu, is another mod CC hoarders shouldn't be without. With the option of expanding columns shown in CAS when picking items to three, four, or five (the latter of which I've chosen to use since it's been available), it makes scrolling to find a particular piece much easier.

Best gameplay mods for The Sims 4

Now that you're kitted out with CAS mods, let's move on to gameplay mods. There are loads of them out there, varying from adding everything from traits to gameplay features, animations, skills, and more.

With these mods installed, you can inject some fresh gameplay into The Sims 4 if you're waiting for new Pack releases with bated breath.

#15 - No Mopping in Bad Weather

Screenshot of The Sims 4 No Mopping in Bad Weather mod
Click to enlarge

This entry might seem a tad mundane, but it's a great little quality-of-life mod if you have Seasons installed. The No Mopping in Bad Weather mod by Vicky Sims will stop Sims from randomly mopping outside when it rains.

It’s a common thing occurrence, sadly, and it can get irritating beyond the first amusing time it happens, mostly because it takes a while to quit the action. Even then, Sims can get themselves hurt, put into a negative moodlet, or even killed in bad weather if it is a thunderstorm.

With this mod installed, you can avoid these dangers and keep your Sims firmly locked away inside without fear of them running to mop up everything they can find in bad weather.

#14 - Grannies Cookbook

Image of the Grannies Cookbook mod shown in a pie menu in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

The Grannies Cookbook mod by Littlbowbub is a great way to add a sense of home, comfort, or lineage to your game. A perfect companion to The Sims 4: Cottage Living, it sets out to completely revitalise the cooking system in the game.

With it, you can inherit 'Grannies Cookbook' (which can be renamed to whatever you like), containing all manner of recipes from comfort foods to desserts, all with their own high-quality meshes.

There's a few different swatches available for it too, meaning you'll likely find something that helps it to blend in with your chosen decor style.

For more about the mod, check out our guide to Grannies Cookbook's recipes.

#13 - Realistic Childbirth

Screenshot of a pregnant Sim, ready for the realistic childbirth mod
Click to enlarge

The Realistic Childbirth Mod by PandaSama offers new options for going into labour in The Sims 4. Without the mod installed, gameplay for labour in The Sims is typically cooky, with pregnant Sims going into a large machine before exiting with their babies.

You'll need The Sims 4: Get to Work Expansion for this mod to work due to the hospital lot, but with it, Sims will now experience a more realistic process, including:

  • C-section option at the hospital
  • Labour can be hurried along by performing activities such as taking a walk or bouncing on a birthing ball
  • New delivery animation
  • Once a sim hits the second trimester they will have the option to 'Call Obstetrician' on their phone and select a birth arrangement from natural delivery, c-section or the original birthing machine
  • Parents can take family leave after the birth
  • Sim will experience their waters breaking
  • Sims may be in labour for up to two days
  • Sims will have the option to receive an epidural which will affect moodlets
  • Sims may ask a close friend to accompany them to the birth instead of the natural parent

#12 - 'SimDa' Dating App

Image of the SimDa dating app mod, one of the best Sims 4 mods
Click to enlarge

The 'SimDa' Dating App mod by LittleMsSam brings the modern into your Sim's dating lives by adding a dating app that Sims can use to organise all manner of dates, from a blind date to a one-night stand.

It's a great little mod that enables Sims to meet in ways other than chance encounters. For more dramatic gameplay, you can download a pregnancy add-on too, increasing the percentage chance of a Sim getting pregnant after any WooHoo - not just via the 'Try For Baby' interaction.

#11 – Better Babies & Toddlers

Screenshot of the Better Babies & Toddlers mod in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

The Better Babies & Toddlers mod by Caradriel adds a host of interactions Sims can do in relation to Babies and Toddlers, making it a great option if you're a generational Simmer.

Although Maxis has given Babies more attention lately and we've had the addition of the Infant life stage and milestones for them, they are still rather lacklustre, and most of us age up them as soon as possible to get to more interesting interactions.

With the Better Babies & Toddlers mod, however, Sims will get more moodlets from interacting with them, and will also be able to talk about Babies to other Sims and share parenting tips. These include:

  • Complain about baby teething
  • Complain about feeling exhausted
  • Discuss about the first Christmas
  • Debate about the best diaper brand
  • Share self-care tips as a new parent
  • Talk about returning to work

You will need Lumpinou's Mood Pack mod to use this feature, as it contains additional moods like affectionate, proud and others not found within The Sims base game.

#10 - Preteen Mod

Image of a Sim in the pre-teen lifestyle
Click to enlarge

With The Sims 4: Growing Together and the Infant life stage, gameplay surrounding Child Sims and the process of raising generations of the same family has had some new life breathed into it.

But one thing that you may notice is that Teens still look very similar to Young Adults, and the jump from Children to Teen Sims can be quite startling.

The Preteen Mod by a.deep.indigo sets out to address this issue, implementing an in-between life stage for Children and Teens. Its features include:

  • A hygiene system for puberty and self-care
  • A Pre-teen trait that is automatically added when Child Sims age up in-game
  • Middle School with a separate homework system
  • More behavioural changes and mood swings
  • Shorter heights for pre-teens compared to other teens

#9 - The Sims 4 Go to School

The Sims 4 Go to School Mod shown in game
Click to enlarge
Image via Zerbu

The Go to School Mod by Zerbu emulates the same experience we had with the launch of High School Years. With this mod, you can send your children to elementary school, control them and live out a day at school in a similar way we can with teens in the Expansion Pack, rather than watch as your kids disappear into a rabbit hole for the school day.

Each day at school will host a different subject for your child Sim to explore and develop their skills. The mod also includes these key features (note that you'll need The Sims 4: Get To Work expansion for the mod to run properly):

  • A checklist of items needed to be included with a school build (alternatively you can download one from The Sims 4 gallery)
  • Each day of the week will host a different subject, your sim's mood will depend on their likes and dislikes and if they like the subject they are studying
  • A teacher NPC at the front of the class and a Councillor NPC that children can visit for a moral boost
  • Principal, Caterer and Janitor NPCs
  • Children can complete daily tasks to boost their grades or slack off and see them deteriorate
  • Lunch breaks are included, which offers the chance for kids to socialise and make new friends
  • Achieving assignments rewards students with 'Emblems' which can be traded in for rewards traits
  • Two new teaching aspirations

#8 - First Love

Screenshot of two child Sims
Click to enlarge

Experiencing your first crush as a Child can be an innocent whirlwind. Currently, however, there's no way of emulating this within The Sims 4 and all romantic interactions, even holding hands, are limited to the Teen life stage onwards.

The First Love mod by LittleMsSam aims to change this and introduces a 'First Love' section in the romance panel. Within this, once two children have a high enough friendship, they can confess to having a crush, which will open these options:

  • Exchange Numbers
  • Hug
  • Visit Crush

The point of the mod is to add more realistic gameplay and introduce those formative relationships to The Sims 4. As a bonus, if two crushes age up and interact within seven days of each other, they will boost any romantic relationship going into teenhood and share the 'First Crush' memory.

#7 - PlantSim Lives 

A Plant Sim
Click to enlarge

If you're a big fan of Occults like me, and have been playing The Sims since the first game (showing my age here, aren't I?), you may have found yourself a little disappointed with how limited gameplay is for the green-skinned PlantSims.

I loved this Occult in The Sims 2, for example, and the temporary nature of it in The Sims 4 was something I never really enjoyed. Luckily, SrslySims is here to save the day with the PlantSim Lives mod.

Removing the temporary time your Sim can be a PlantSim for, this mod also adds the ability to add leafy tattoos to your Sim, choose any hair that you like, and reduces the frequency of their planty idle animations.

There's some new interactions here as well like taking them on a Nature Walk, and combining this alongside the Plant Sim Interactions Mod - which adds the ability to absorb puddles, for example - your green-fingered, leaf-laden Sims will feel much more fleshed out.

#6 - Expanded Mermaids

Image of the pie menu in The Sims 4, showing the Expanded Mermaids mod interactions
Click to enlarge

The Sims 4: Island Living introduced Mermaids to the game, but lacked lore, skill trees, and other gameplay mechanics which left them feeling a bit shallow - especially compared to other Occult Sims.

The Expanded Mermaids mod by Spinning Plumbobs aims to rectify that. With this installed, you can do the following:

  • All swimmable lakes and oceans will have the 'dive' mechanic
  • Adds a skill tree for Mermaids similar to other Occult Sims
  • 'Dive Deeper' in Sulani and Tartosa yields extra-special rewards (requires Fitness level 3)
  • Increasing a Mermaid's rank will unlock special powers and weaknesses like guilt when eating fish, moonspell (Sims will behave strangely under the influence of the moon), power over the elements, and Siren's Voice
  • Kelpies, variants of mermaids that look 'fishy' but can use shapeshifting to disguise themselves 
  • Mermaid-themed objects and other items
  • Mermaids can 'dive for kelp' and 'Fetch Fish', which change depending on where they are swimming
  • Mermaid Mythology skill
  • Rabbithole underwater adventures for rewards
  • Non-mermaid Sims can snorkel in swimmable bodies of water
  • Sims can become a Sea Witch an underwater sorcerer that can craft potions and spells 

#5 - Dreams & Nightmares

Image of elements from the Dreams & Nightmares mod, one of the best in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

Ah, dreams. We all have them. Some are idyllic, others abstract, and some are fleeting and never to be remembered again. On the other end of the spectrum you've got those nightmarish dreams, and whether they're recurring or not - we all have them (one particularly haunting one of my own springs to mind).

So why shouldn't Sims also be able to experience the blissful moments of opening your eyes post-dream while you hurriedly try to recount what happened before it fades away?

Enter the Dreams & Nightmares mod by alainbm_mods which does just that. Frankly, this mod feels like it should be part of The Sims (and feels like a perfect offshoot of the Wants and Fears system) and I love it.

With it installed, Sims will experience a whole variety of different dreams and nightmares, providing different moodlets that last for a few hours. What's more, you can head onto a PC and purchase diffusers or tablets to banish nightmares to the aether and speak with a therapist regarding a particular nightmare.

There are even some new interactions and a reward trait here, too, making this one mod you don't want to miss out on adding to your save.

#4 - Meaningful Stories

Image of a Moodlet in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

Meaningful Stories, for me, is one mod that I'd never be without in The Sims 4 today - I haven't taken it out of my game in years now.

The mod by Roburky aims to give a little more dynamism to Sims overall, making the moods and moodlets they receive have a little more oomph in their day-to-day lives.

Moods are subtler but will also remain for a longer period of time, and objects that have mood-based Auras around them won't overwhelm a Sim's mood, instead building up and fading away over time. What I particularly love about this mod as well is that 'Happy' isn't the default emotional state for Sims anymore, 'Fine' is. Sims that do become 'Happy' (which is harder to achieve) will also now earn Satisfaction Points over time.

If you're aiming to bring a bit more depth into your game, you'll want to download this particular mod.

#3 - Wonderful Whims

Screenshot showing the Wonderful Whims mod options in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

Wonderful Whims by TurboDriver has always been a firm favourite mod in The Sims 4 community, so it's no surprise to see it listed second in our ranking of the top mods. The main driving force behind the Wonderful Whims mod is to make Sims feel more realistic to play, introducing the following features to gameplay:

  • A player pose pack
  • Compatibility (Sims will find other Sims attractive based on characteristics) that works in a similar way to The Sims 4 Growing Together
  • Birth control
  • Menstrual cycles
  • Personality archetypes
  • Open and polyamorous relationships
  • Sweating mechanic for Sims

#2 - UI Cheats Extension


Image showing the UI panel mod in The Sims 4, one of the best to download
Click to enlarge

So you're a bit of a serial cheater in The Sims 4? I don't blame you. From relationship cheats to Pack-specific cheats for Vampires, Werewolves, Toddlers, and Discover University, there are plenty of gameplay opportunities that using them can help your Sims with (or hinder if you so choose - you're one of those who removes the pool ladders, aren't you?)

If cheating's the name of the game for you, you don't want to be without Weerbesu's UI Cheats Extension. As the name suggests, it lets you right-click on certain UI elements to cheat relationships, remove moodlets, traits, and instantly unlock Perks for certain Occults.

One of my favourite ways to use it is with the previously mentioned moodlet removal. Have you just loaded into your game, a fire's started out of nowhere and now your Sim's mood is ruined? Left-click it and begone - it's as simple as that. 

You can also open up a Sim's needs and left-click on a specific point of one of the bars to set it to that particular range, negating the need for opening the cheat window at all.

To top it all off, Weerbesu is lighting in a bottle with keeping this updated when big patches are released, so it's a breeze to make sure it still works with your current version by switching your current file out with the newer one.

#1 - MC Command Center

Image of the MC Command Center UI in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

Coming in first on our list of the best mods in The Sims 4, MC Command Center by Deaderpool is an absolute must if you're looking to gain more control over your world - and it's arguably one of the most best mods overall.

This is because MC Command offers a whole host of different features, including:

  • Auto-cheats can be selected rather than typed out each time
  • Adjustment for more realistic pregnancies and pregnancy appearances
  • Allows non-played Sims to have babies, adopt, get into romantic relationships, change jobs and move houses autonomously so that neighbourhoods feel more alive
  • Can disallow homeless Sims from moving into certain lots
  • Can introduce risky Woohoo so Sims will have a percentage chance of having a baby without 'Trying for a baby'
  • Gives players the ability to blacklist items of clothing to stop townies from wearing them
  • Import family trees into new save games, a crucial mechanic for legacy players
  • The ability to always have cheats enabled in your game
  • Teens can get full-time jobs

These are just a few of the many features this mod can facilitate. For a more thorough rundown of the mod, check out our guide to the MC Command Center here.

Miscellaneous mods

#1 - Refreshed Main Menu

Image of the main menu refresh mod in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

If you've been playing The Sims 4 since it launched in 2014, while the main menu has evolved over time, you may be in the market for something a little different.

That's where content creator SimMattically comes in, as their newly-released to the public mod gives your game's main menu a fresh coat of paint. The most notable difference here, of course, is the image plastered over most of the menu.

What's more, SimMattically has provided us with a few different styles including the one above, a Movie Night option, and a Glade option. There's even a Dark Mode in the works, though that's currently only available to Patrons.

#2 - Less Restrictive Camera

Image of Sims taking a selfie
Click to enlarge

Another mod from SimMattically, this camera mod is ideal if you're finding the options a little restrictive when trying to zoom out in the camera mode. 

Removing lots of the camera restrictions in place when using this to take pictures, you're able to zoom out much further than before (as shown above), and is a lovely little quality-of-life addition to your game, particularly if you like to display pictures all over your Sims' homes. 

SimMattically recommends using the Crystal Clear Digital Camera because it allows you to zoom in and out (which I'm using above), but it'll cost you around 2,000 Simoleons to purchase.

#3 - Fanart Maps

Image of two worlds in the Sims 4
Click to enlarge
Image via DerShayan

If you want to give maps for certain Worlds a bit of a refresh, DerShayan has been slowly adding beautifully detailed, painterly map replacements for them in The Sims 4.

Not each one has been completed yet, but there are 17 you can currently add to your game, and they're all separately available for download too - meaning you don't have to install one if you're not likely to use that World, for example.

My favourites have to be Forgotten Hollow and Glimmerbrook (pictured above), and while a new map hasn't been released since March 2023, the ones that have been done are frankly gorgeous additions for your game. 

How to download & install mods in The Sims 4

Now that you've got some shiny new mods ready to go, you'll need to know how to install and download them.

The first thing to note when downloading CC or mods is that they have the potential to break your game in unforeseen ways.

Backing up your save game

It's always a good idea to back up your save files first before downloading mods as a safeguard, which will usually be found under 'Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves' within your system.

Image of a save folder for The Sims 4 on PC
Click to enlarge

I'd then suggest copying your save files here and placing them in a safe place (like your desktop or a newly created folder somewhere else).

Where to download mods

Many modders host their own mods on pages like Patreon, SimFileShare, or Tumblr (MMFINDS is a great resource if you like Maxis Match content), but you can use CurseForge's dedicated section for The Sims 4 for a much easier place to find mods.

They even have an app you can download which makes installing everything a breeze, as it's all done for you.

ModTheSims is another site that has plenty of mods. It's been around for years now, hosting mods for some of the older games if you're feeling all nostalgic. You will need to install mods on this site manually, though, so consider that when deciding where to download from.

Installing your mods

Once you've picked out a mod to download and it's on your system, follow these steps in order to install it:

  • Launch The Sims 4
  • On the right side of the screen, select 'Options'
  • Click 'Game Options' and then 'Other'

Image showing how to enable mods in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

  • Next, as shown in the above image, tick the box that says 'Enable Custom Content and Mods' as well as the 'Script Mods Allowed' option
  • Press 'Apply Changes' and close your game
  • Go to your Downloads folder and unzip the file if it's a .rar or .zip file
  • Move the custom content to your 'Mods' folder by navigating to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
  • With all your mods added to the folder, head back in-game and a pop-up menu should appear listing those you have installed

And that's it! Check the list to see if the mod has been successfully installed, and then proceed with your game.

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Now that you know our recommendations for the best mods to download in The Sims 4, check out our homepage for The Sims, which has guides on the best Expansions and Packs to help you decide which to pick up next or all the latest cheats for Spellcasters, Werewolves, Vampires, and For Rent.

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