Starfield mouse & keyboard settings: Best settings for PC

Starfield mouse & keyboard settings: Best settings for PC
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21st Sep 2023 16:48

Starfield has a lot of settings for your controls, so you might be wondering what the best mouse and keyboard settings are. This guide will explain which control settings you should change on PC and which are the best controls to use.

You can also play the game with a controller on PC, but for those who enjoy using a mouse and keyboard, you'll want to make sure you've got the best settings selected. Keep reading for a full rundown of the ideal key binds as well as the best mouse and keyboard settings to alter in the game.

Best Starfield mouse and keyboard settings to change

A player exploring in Starfield.
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Interestingly, most of the default controls in Starfield are good options for mouse and keyboard settings. The game is designed to be quite easy to pick up and play, especially if you've played previous Bethesda games like Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

However, you might want to consider changing your aim sensitivity and look sensitivity. If you set both your Aim Sensitivity V and Aim Sensitivity H settings to 100%, your aim and look sensitivity should match which will likely be a smoother experience.

Also, if you're using WASD to move your character, you might find it easier to change your menu button to Q. You'll be using the menu a lot in Starfield, so being able to more easily find the key for your inventory, fast travel and more will be quite helpful for many players. Many of Starfield's quests require you to constantly use your map to travel, so being able to quickly access is a pretty handy change.

You can also change your Flashlight/Scanner key to something else if you're not using your Flashlight or Scanner very much. These controls are usually on the F key, which can be rebound to something you're using more often if you prefer.

Best Starfield mouse and keyboard keybinds

Locking on to an enemy ship in Starfield.
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Here's a full list of the ideal mouse and keyboard controls for the main gameplay of Starfield. Most of these are still the default options as the game was designed with these controls in mind, but you're free to customise them if you prefer different settings!

Action Controls
Movement WASD
Primary Attack Mouse 1
Secondary Attack Mouse 2
Melee V
Grenade G
Hand Scanner/Flashlight F or Tab
Activate E
Jump Space
Reload/Sheathe Weapon R

A gunfight in Starfield.
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Action Controls
Power Z
Sprint Left Shift
Sneak Left Ctrl
Quick Keys Q or F
Data Menu Tab or Q
Flight Modes Space
POV Toggle Mouse 3
Ship Action R
Select Target E

With these controls, you should be able to enjoy Starfield without having to worry about having the wrong settings. If you do happen to change anything, make sure you also replace the action that was being used by that key before or you might run into problems.

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