How to join VALORANT Premier Global Beta: Start date & rewards

How to join VALORANT Premier Global Beta: Start date & rewards
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Tarun Sayal


18th Apr 2023 12:58

If you’re wondering how to join VALORANT Premier Global Open Beta, then your search is over now. The highly anticipated VALORANT Premier Global Open Beta is finally launching on April 25. It’s a brand new team-based competitive mode that allows you to build a team and compete throughout the Act in a series of weekly matches on specific maps.

However, there’s a certain process that one must follow in order to join the VALORANT Premier Global Open Beta. On top of that, players have to meet a few specific conditions in order to be eligible for this beta testing program. With that said, here’s all you need to know about joining VALORANT Premier Global Open Beta.

How to join VALORANT Premier Global Open Beta

Valorant Premier Global Open Beta loading screen
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Riot Games has confirmed that players will need to meet two conditions to join VALORANT Premier Open Beta.

SMS verification

First of all, SMS verification is mandatory for all the players who want to participate in the Premier mode. For this, go to the Premier tab of the client and press the “Verify Now” button on the right. Now you’ll need to select your country code and enter your phone number.

As usual, you’ll receive a secret one-time password on your phone that you must enter in the client to complete the SMS verification step. After following these steps, your account will be SMS verified.

However, it’s worth noting that if you un-verify your account, the client will warn you that you cannot play in Premier until you go through the verification process again. Additionally, only one number is allowed per account, with a 6-month cooldown on used phone numbers.

Ranked Placement

The second condition is that participating players must complete their ranked placement during any act. If a user has already completed placements, he will automatically skip to the next step and just see the option to “CREATE A TEAM.” Aside from the eligibility requirements outlined above, anyone with a VALORANT account in good standing can play during the Premier Beta period.

If you meet all of these conditions, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the VALORANT Premier Global Open Beta.

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VALORANT Premier start date and rewards

VALORANT Premier beta kicks off on April 25 and will continue until May 21. However, enrollment starts on April 25 and ends on April 28. Meanwhile, it’s important to note that the Beta uses a shorter schedule than what Riot has planned for launch, where Premier stages are designed to last the duration of a regular VALORANT Act.

As mentioned earlier, the game developers have planned some exclusive rewards for the participants and winners. Players will get a Premier Beta participation banner and title after completing their first Premier match. Whereas the winners of the Playoff tournament will be rewarded with a unique Player Card alongside an in-game title.

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