Here's every LGBTQ+ character in VALORANT

Here's every LGBTQ+ character in VALORANT
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While there are still many steps to be made, gaming on the whole has become a much more inclusive space over the years, and many large titles such as VALORANT boast a roster with some openly LGBTQ+ characters.

You may wonder which of the game's characters fall on this spectrum, and what the lore behind their respective identities are. So, learn more about LGBTQ+ characters in VALORANT below.

Which characters are LGBTQ+?

The following characters are confirmed to be part of the LGBTQ+:

  • Killjoy
  • Raze
  • Clove

Killjoy and Raze were launch characters, but it wasn't revealed they were queer until over two years later. Clove's non-binary identity on the other hand was revealed during their announcement.

With 25 characters in the game currently, Riot Games could do a lot more in terms of representation for LGBTQ+ identities, but it's still good to see.

All LGBTQ+ characters explained


Killjoy is confirmed to be lesbian, which was announced on the official VALORANT X (formerly Twitter) account with a picture of her and Raze kissing on a bench.


Raze is also lesbian, with this being confirmed at the same time as Killjoy. Based on some of the follow-up posts from Riot, it seems both characters are canonically in a relationship.

Their affection for one another was also teased previously through various voice lines between the characters in-game, meaning many expected the announcement.


During Clove's announcement, it was confirmed they have a non-binary identity. This was shown by Riot's usage of they/them pronouns when referring to the character, along with voice lines in-game keeping the same language.

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