VALORANT Match History: How To View

VALORANT Match History: How To View
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29th Aug 2022 17:30

If you're wondering how to view your VALORANT match history, then check out this guide for all the details. Your match history in VALORANT is an important tool to study if you're wanting to improve in-game, but it can also be great to look back at those great wins you just achieved. So, to find out how to see your VALORANT match history, keep on reading down below.

How To View Your VALORANT Match History

VALORANT Match History how to view
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In order to view your VALORANT match history, all you need to do is open up the game, head to the Career tab at the top, and click on 'Match History' underneath. It should automatically open to your VALORANT match history regardless, but that's how to view it if you navigate anywhere else.

In this screen, you'll be able to view roughly your last ten VALORANT matches, giving you basic information like the score, map, which agent you played, and your KDA. 

However, there are a couple of more detailed statistics on offer here, like first blood and average combat score, which can help you understand certain areas where you need to improve your game - or where you work best.

Competitive titles like VALORANT can often be frustrating when trying to understand how to get better or what is going wrong, but you can use the match history to start to piece together the puzzle and improve in the long run.


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How To Get More Detailed VALORANT Statistics

VALORANT Match History detailed statistics
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If the official VALORANT match history doesn't quite cut it for you, or if you want a larger collection of your games to track long-term progress, then there are a couple of third-party trackers which will serve you well.

Blitz is one of the more in-depth applications you can use to improve in VALORANT and track your progress, as it dives deeper into your gameplay and offers means of improvement like utility lineups and performance analysis. is a bit more of a general tool, allowing you to see an overall picture of performance in VALORANT to understand how you stack up in the wider scheme of things, but it can still be helpful. You could, for example, see a particular aspect like headshot percentage that you're comparatively weaker for, giving you the direction to focus yourself towards.

So, that's all the information on how to check your VALORANT match history, alongside a couple of other, more detailed ways to check out stats outside of the base game. If you're wondering what VALORANT Raw Accel is though, make sure to have a read of our handy guide to find out all the details.

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