VALORANT Player Count 2023

VALORANT Player Count 2023
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Tarran Stockton


9th Jan 2023 14:45

The VALORANT player count for 2023 is likely to go up as the game has only grown since it released back in June 2020, making it one of the biggest tactical first-person shooters available right now. VALORANT combines the above-mentioned genre with hero shooter design, meaning every character is unique and comes with their own abilities. If you want to know how popular the game is right now, then check out our explainer of the VALORANT player count for 2023.

VALORANT Monthly Player Count

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It can be difficult to tell exactly what the VALORANT player count is, as Riot Games don't offer up the exact statistics themselves, apart from the occasional general update. This means you need to use an external site like or both of which offer different numbers.

According to, VALORANT has had 11.5 million active players so far in January, with a total of 17.7 million in the month of December. The numbers are a little different, as it doesn't give an exact figure for January so far, and in December there were 23 million active players.

Which of the figures is correct is impossible to know, but the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle, and around 20 million monthly players seems accurate for a game of VALORANT's popularity.

VALORANT Daily Player Count

VALORANT Daily Player Count
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When it comes to daily players, only offers the numbers on this. The game supposedly reaches over 2 million players on average every day, with this staying consistent since July 2022.


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It's fair to say these number paint VALORANT as a hugely popular game, and this is likely to only increase in the future. The average of active daily players only seems to grow every month, and the average monthly players has jumped up massively since 2021.

As more maps, agents, and modes are released (such as VALORANT Premier which is set to launch this year) we'd expect the game to continue to grow. Every time there's a new episode or act, the numbers also go up significantly. This means we may see record numbers by the end of January as VALORANT Episode 6 Act I is launching.

That's all for our primer on the VALORANT player count in 2023, and so far the game is continuing to do very well with millions on millions of players. 

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