VALORANT update 7.08 patch notes, agent updates & more

VALORANT update 7.08 patch notes, agent updates & more
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Dani Cross


17th Oct 2023 14:00

The VALORANT update 7.08 patch notes are in, and we've got all the new changes coming to the game right here.

VALORANT patches are sometimes quite small, especially compared to Riot's other games like League of Legends, and this update is a pretty light one. However, it does come with a couple of important changes to the way smokes work, as well as some new store and agent select updates.

So keep reading for a summary of the update, as well as the full patch notes below.

VALORANT update 7.08 patch notes: Summary

The VALORANT patch 7.08 highlights.
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The 7.08 update for VALORANT has some fairly big changes to smokes and audio cues. Astra, Brimstone and Omen's smokes will now play an audio and visual cue before they're about to fade, which should make it a little easier for players to know when they're ending.

There's also a new Agent select screen, which has been altered to make room for more Agents in the future. And if you're interested in Level Borders and Player Cards, the store has received a UI update for these features.

We've got the full patch notes for you below if you want to see all the details of the 7.08 update.

VALORANT update 7.08 full patch notes

The new agent select screen in VALORANT
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General Updates

  • A slight adjustment has been made to the rows of Agents you can select from the bottom of the screen in order to make room for future Agents.

Agent Updates

  • Smoke Visual Updates
    • Some of the key smokes can manipulate the play space for a chunk of time. Audio and visual cues have been added to the end of longer lasting smokes to give a heads up for when the smoke will disappear.
    • The following agents' smokes have been affected:
      • Astra
      • Brimstone
      • Omen
  • Ability equipping sounds are no longer audible to allies.

Premier Updates

  • Premier Playoffs Tournament Queue Changes
    • The Playoffs Tournament Queue is now only 15 minutes instead of 1 hour. If you don't queue up and stay queued within the 15 minute window, your team will not be able to play in the tournament.
    • At the end of the waiting period, all teams still in queue will be matched at one time into evenly distributed brackets seeded by Premier Score.
    • This change ensures that having a better regular season record gives you a higher seeding in your tournament.

Store Updates

  • Your Level Borders and Play Card collection UI has received an update. You'll now be able to search, navigate and equip Level Borders and Player Cards using the grid UI.

Bug Fixes


  • Deadlock
    • Annihilation can no longer open Bind's automatic doors from outside the teleporter rooms
    • Annihilation can no longer open Breeze's Mid Chute trapdoor from below.
  • Neon
    • Fast Lane now more reliably fully extends through Fracture's A Door when cast from the outside, behaving the same as when used from inside A Hall.


  • Fixed a bug where the music would hitch/skip while loading into a map or the Range.
  • Fixed a bug where shooting range bots wouldn't reset their hitbox position properly when respawning.

Player Behaviour

  • Fixed a bug so that you'll receive the correct Ranked Rating penalties for disruptive behaviour.


  • Fixed a bug where killbanner audio was playing too quietly.

And that's it for this latest VALORANT update. Be sure to check back in for future patch notes!

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