VALORANT: How To Change Crosshair Colours

VALORANT: How To Change Crosshair Colours
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Liam Ho


25th Aug 2022 10:14

Do you want to know how to change your crosshair colours in VALORANT? VALORANT has just dropped its newest Act with Episode 5 Act 2 being released to all players. With Episode 5 Act 2 coming we received a whole new battle pass with various cosmetics to enjoy. Alongside this, we also received a bunch of customisation options for changing your VALORANT crosshair colours. Here's how to go about it.

VALORANT: How To Change Crosshair Colours

VALORANT has always had quite an extensive customisation system for its crosshairs. Being a competitive shooter, it makes sense that Riot would want to allow players to be able to customise their game to their own experience. 

Riot is doubling down on customisability with the newest Act giving players the ability to create custom crosshair colours, as well as the ability to separately move the horizontal and vertical lines of the crosshair. 

Val Custom Colour Crosshair Setting
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VALORANT: Customising Crosshair Colour

In order to customise your VALORANT crosshair colour, you’ll need to:

  1. Head to the Settings menu and find the Crosshair subheading
  2. Once there, click on Primary next to General
  3. Access the dropdown menu for Crosshair Colour and select Custom
  4. From there you’ll be able to enter any hexadecimal code which will change your crosshair to that colour.

VALORANT: Copying a Crosshair 

The newest Act also allows a feature that lets you copy crosshairs of players you are currently spectating. This is a brilliant feature that is a welcomed addition to the game. Now instead of having to try and replicate a players crosshair that you like, you can simply grab it yourself and begin using it. 

In order to copy another player’s crosshair in VALORANT all you need to do is:

  • Type /crosshair copy or /cc into the chat while spectating someone
  • This will take the crosshair of the player you’re spectating and import it into your own profiles. It will be named under the time and date on which you copied it.

VALORANT: Tuning Individual Crosshairs

This act also brings with it the ability to tune the horizontal and vertical lines of the crosshair separately. This opens up a world of possibilities for players to really let loose and go ham on whatever crosshair they can come up with. 

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Doing this is rather simple, and only involves:

  1. Heading to the Settings menu and selecting Crosshair
  2. Under Primary, find the little chain icon for the settings Inner Line Length and Outer Line Length
  3. Disabling this icon will allow for each part of the crosshair to be tuned individually.

Players have really come up with some cool and creative crosshairs since the patch dropped. It’s fantastic that Riot is really investing in player customisation and opening up possibilities in a game like VALORANT. So, that's how to change your crosshair colours in VALORANT.

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