VALORANT Gekko tips: How to master the new Agent

VALORANT Gekko tips: How to master the new Agent
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Tarran Stockton


7th Mar 2023 11:28

You may want some VALORANT Gekko tips so you can master this brand-new Agent that was introduced as part of Episode 6 Act 2, bringing the \sgent roster to a total of 22. 

VALORANT keeps introducing Agents to keep the game fresh and change up the meta, meaning players constantly have to adapt to new strategies. However, a good way of making sure you are at the forefront of that change is by learning the new Agents and their key tricks.

So, whether you want to master Gekko quickly or just need to know what he is capable of, check out our list of VALORANT Gekko tips.

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VALORANT Gekko tips

valorant gekko tips
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Wingman Can Plant/Defuse The Bomb

One of Gekko's abilities allows you to summon a little creature called Wingman, who walks forward and disorients an enemy upon seeing them. One of the best aspects of this ability is that Wingman can plant the bomb if you ALT fire the Spike site with the Spike equipped. 

This frees you up to watch angles for enemies when you are the last alive, or lets you and your whole team set up a better defence to stop the retake. If you know exactly where an enemy is, it also gives you an opportunity to bait them to peak, letting you take them out. 

On the other side of this, Wingman can also defuse a bomb, giving you a chance to bait a defender into peaking, or using their mollies and other utility, all without risking your own life. 

Wingman Has Multiple Uses

In addition to what we covered in the above tip, Wingman has a wealth of potential uses that make him great for initiating into a site. He can trigger Cypher and Killjoy traps, clearing the way for your team and potentially baiting the aforementioned enemies to give away their position. 

Another weird advantage of Wingman is that he can break Sage's wall if you command him to plant a Spike and a wall is in the way, meaning no one has to waste bullets dropping the wall. 

You Can Pick Up Abilities After Use

Wingman, Dizzy, and Thrash can all be reused during rounds due to Gekko's ability to pick up his creatures/abilities after using them. When using one of these abilities, after it ends, it will turn into a goo that can be picked up off the ground, giving you the ability back with a short cooldown. 

Picking up these abilities takes the same amount of time as picking up an orb, so you need to be careful when doing so, as it's an easy opportunity for enemies to kill you. We suggest aiming your abilities so that once they end, they are still in cover, giving you a chance to pick them up safely. You can also fake picking up these abilities as a way of baiting enemies into peaking you. 

Dizzy Doesn't Hit Teammates

Dizzy is Gekko's version of the flashbang, letting you throw it into the air and flash any enemies within its line of sight. However, one of the most powerful properties of this flash is that it doesn't affect teammates. This allows you to throw it out whenever without having to worry about potentially causing your allies to be killed. 

It's especially effective in busy firefights, as enemies may be too distracted to shoot it, giving you and your team a good chance at moving forward and downing any affected enemies. 

Be Mindful Of How The Ult Works

Gekko's ultimate ability is called Thrash, which lets you move a creature around before detonating it, which causes enemies to become stunned for a short time (like the Killjoy ultimate). When you click fire during this ability, Thrash will dash forward slightly before detonating, so you need to be mindful of when you fire, so you don't accidentally overshoot enemies. 

Master The Mosh Pit Molly

Mosh Pit is one of Gekko's most powerful abilities, which is likely why it's the only one you can't pick up after using. This is a molly with a super wide radius, and any enemy that remains in its borders will die, even with full health and armour. 

It has the same trajectory as the Killyjoy and Kay/O molly, so if you've learned any lineups with them, it remains the same. This makes it a strong tool for stopping Spike defusals or plants, flushing enemies out of cover, and zoning choke points to stop enemies in their tracks. It will even spread past obstacles, so you can nullify a Sage wall when it's placed to protect a Spike plant or defuse. 

That's all for our selection of VALORANT Gekko tips, and you should now have a better understanding of the strengths of this brand-new Initiator.

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