VALORANT Premier Mode explained: Format, tournaments & rewards

VALORANT Premier Mode explained: Format, tournaments & rewards
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25th Aug 2023 20:00


If you think you have what it takes to become a pro, then VALORANT Premier Mode is your chance to prove it, and there's a lot to unpack, from the mode's format to the different rewards available.

As a step above Ranked, Riot Games is set to officially launch the Premier Mode in VALORANT as of August 29, 2023, where the game mode will become a permanent fixture and will feed the "path to pro".

Having debuted in a test version already in VALORANT, Premier Mode is releasing in full for those players who want to try and set aside the Ranked experience and truly see what it's like to live the life of a pro - and subsequently have a shot at becoming one.

But with VALORANT Premier Mode landing, what actually is it, how does it work, and what rewards do you get? And how does VALORANT Premier Mode even help you to become a pro player? We've got all you need to know right here.

What is VALORANT Premier Mode?

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The VALORANT Premier Mode is designed to replicate a professional circuit in-game, where players can form teams to compete in weekly matches against others in their region.

Instead of the usual Ranked experience, Premier will see you create full rosters, stick to playing schedules, and strive to accrue enough points to push yourself into a Playoff stage.

At the upper echelons of Premier at Contender rank, players can also qualify for Challengers qualifiers by winning Playoffs, which could then see your in-game roster earn semi-pro status and compete against some of the biggest teams in the world. 

VALORANT Premier Mode format explained 

Once you've grabbed your five buddies, Premier Mode will see teams compete in Divisions, where they will be grouped together against similarly-ranked MMR-matched teams (MMR taken from your average Ranked skill).

You will then play two matches a week in this professional setting, where you will earn points in your division standings until you qualify for Playoffs. There will be seven weeks of games, with each week being played on a different map.

Teams will earn 100 points for a weekly match win and 25 points for a loss, with the goal being to get 675 points, which will see you eligible to qualify for the Playoff Tournament.

You can play both of your weekly matches in one day, but you will also be eligible to play in the 'warm up' area to practice on the weekly maps and hone in on your strats.

VALORANT Premier Playoff Tournaments format

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Once you have accrued 675 points in your weekly matches, you will then qualify for Playoffs. All teams in your division that pass this mark will be eligible, and a bracket will be formed within this skill division.

You will then be placed in a single elimination bracket with up to eight teams (or a minimum of five), where you will have a quarter-final, Semi-Final, and Final, with one team coming out victorious. Once you lose in this stage, you're out.

Matches in Playoffs will all be played on the same night, with a live bracket being available to see in-game.

Playoffs will also push your map pool knowledge to the test. You will replicate the pros of having a map veto process, where you take turns banning and selecting which maps you want to play.

All VALORANT Premier Mode divisions

VALORANT's Premier Mode has a total of five divisions, starting at Open, with Contender as the highest Division possible:

  • Contender
  • Elite 1-5
  • Advanced 1-5
  • Intermediate 1-5
  • Open 1-5

You will be able to push through the divisions with your MMR being re-checked at the start of every Act.

Does Premier Mode allow roster changes?

Premier Mode also supports roster changes, so if you're not quite up to scratch, the Team Owner has the ability to swap you out if a replacement is ready to go.

Only in Playoffs Tournaments are roster changes locked. Once you've begun queueing in Playoffs, you cannot change your team, even if your player has to leave for IRL reasons.

VALORANT Premier Mode rewards

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For competing in VALORANT Premier, you will be eligible for rewards, with Crests, Gun Buddies, Player Cards, and Titles all being up for grabs. Here's what you'll be able to get in-game for different types of activities:

  • For playing a game, you will get a Premier Crest
  • For playing two matches you will get a Gekko-themed Player Card
  • For winning a Playoff Game you will unlock a Playoff Crest
  • For winning Premier Playoffs, players will be rewarded with a Title and Gun Buddy
  • For winning every single game in a split (all 14 weekly matches and the Playoffs stage) you can earn an elite Flawless Premier title and crest

All of these rewards will be given at the end of the Stage.

VALORANT Premier Mode career stats explained

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Rosters competing in VALORANT Premier will also be able to see their career stats, which can help in learning which maps to go hard on and which ones you will need to develop.

The match history tab will reveal your previous results and individual performances within your roster's history, but this only applies to the same roster, as if you un-enrol a team and make a new one, your stats from the previous team will not transfer. 

Here, you can also see past tournament match brackets and standings, which can also be handy to see which maps you want to develop in order to see how they fare against those teams who are also comfy on your favourites.

VALORANT Premier Mode officially launches on August 29, where you might also want to sort out your agent composition, following some crucial nerfs to key agents.

For more guides and news on all things VALORANT, be sure to check out our VALORANT homepage.

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