VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 start time, Outlaw weapon details, Kuronami skinline & more

VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 start time, Outlaw weapon details, Kuronami skinline & more
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8th Jan 2024 12:17

It’s full steam ahead in the world of VALORANT, with it all set for Episode 8 of the competitive shooter. While previous Episodes have seen additions such as new Agents and new maps, this one is a little different. For the first time since its launch in 2020, VALORANT is getting a brand-new weapon.

Below, we’ve listed everything you need to know about Episode 8 Act 1 of VALORANT, including a rundown of the new Outlaw weapon, the Kuronami skinline, as well as when you can access this new content for yourself.

When does Episode 8 Act 1 start?

Episode 8 Act 1 is set to begin on January 9, 2024. Server downtime is estimated to begin at 10PM GMT (5PM ET, 2PM PT), although this is subject to change.

While servers usually go down for maintenance around the same time for each new VALORANT Episode, they don’t always come back online immediately. You may be waiting around for a little while past 10PM GMT for Episode 8 Act 1 to begin properly.

Outlaw weapon details

Omen holding the Outlaw weapon in VALORANT
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The brand-new Outlaw weapon is a long-range primary armament that’s intended to sit between the Operator and the Marshal sniper rifles. It’s high-powered and includes two rounds in the chamber. Riot describes it as “built for do-or-die playmaking”.

The key difference that separates the Outlaw from both the Marshal and the Operator is that the scope remains zoomed in after firing. This allows you to quickly follow up with a secondary shot for either cheeky double kills, or to correct a previously missed shot.

Something else to keep in mind with the Outlaw is the different reload times depending on how full the magazine is. If the magazine is empty, you’ll need to wait a lot longer to reload rounds than if you leave one in the chamber. Again, this adds another layer of risk versus reward when competing in matches.

Lastly, the Outlaw is priced at 2,400 credits, which is directly between the Marshal and the Operator. If you’re looking to get acquainted with a new sniper rifle in VALORANT, this one might just be for you.

The Outlaw is launching with its own ‘THROWBACK PACK’ cosmetic bundle, which includes a bunch of skins to get you started with the new weapon. It costs 2,320 VP, and will include the following:

  • Includes 2 skins, both with 3 color variants each
    • Prism//Reloaded Outlaw
      • Base Color - Purple iridescent variant
      • Variant 1 - Orange iridescent variant
      • Variant 2 - Pink iridescent variant
      • Variant 3 - Green iridescent variant
    • Ego Outlaw
      • Base Color - Korean text with “저지불가” and white/black stripes
      • Variant 1 - English text “Unstoppable” and red/black stripes
      • Variant 2 - Portuguese text “Imbatível” and white/tan stripes
      • Variant 3 - French text “Inarrêtable” and teal/purple stripes
  • Accessories
    • Outlaw Player Card
    • Outlaw Gun Buddy
    • Outlaw Spray
    • Outlaw Title

Kuronami skinline details

Key art for the Kuronami Skinline in VALORANT
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With another new Episode comes a brand new skinline to buy into - and this one takes major inspiration from trained assassins who have mastered the elements, according to Kerwin Atienza, the Art Direction Senior Manager at Riot Games.

Featuring deep blue and purple colour schemes, these skins look incredible in motion, with reload animations, in particular, invoking animations that involve the elements, as Atienza alluded to.

The weapons that can be equipped with this skinline are:

  • Marshall
  • Melee
  • Sheriff
  • Spectre
  • Vandal

The Kuronami bundle will go live on the VALORANT store at a price of 9,500 VP.

That’s everything you need to know about VALORANT Episode 8 Act, including when it starts, how the new weapon works, and what the new skinline looks like.

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