Best Aim Trainers For VALORANT

Best Aim Trainers For VALORANT
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Eoin Black


26th Sep 2022 12:03

Finding the best aim trainers for VALORANT is difficult. There are a lot of them out there, and not all of them are helpful for VALORANT. At worst, an aim trainer can reinforce negative habits that actively make your aim worse, which is why finding the best aim trainers for VALORANT is so important for improving your rank. Here's what we think the three best aim trainers for VALORANT are. Sure, there are plenty more out there, but none of them come close to the quality of these three. If you want to improve your aim, and by extension your rank, then get training with one of these. 

VALROANT Best Aim Trainers: Aim Lab

Best VALORANT aim trainers - Aim Lab.
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You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t consider Aim Lab to be the best aim trainer for VALORANT. Some coaches don’t like it, but I can attest to its usefulness first-hand. Using Aim Labs consistently, I climbed from Bronze to Ascendant in two acts, so you judge whether or not it’s useful. 

Aim Lab is clean as there are no over-the-top visuals distracting you. This lets you focus purely on your aim - something that lesser aim trainers struggle with. It breaks down your mouse skill into individual areas of performance, helping you hone in on exactly what your weakness is rather than your aim as a whole. I cannot overstate how much of a difference this makes when it comes to improving. 


Aim Lab is also free, something that can’t be said for its primary competitor. On top of all that, it’s got a partnership with VALORANT, meaning there are official aim training exercises in the game based on scenarios and positions in VALORANT that are recreated with 1:1 accuracy. 

Lastly, Aim Lab receives constant updates. It’s not the best VALORANT aim trainer out there in terms of raw power, but over time it will catch up, and hopefully surpass, other premium aim trainers. 

VALROANT Best Aim Trainers: KovaaK’s

Best VALORANT aim trainers - KovaaK's.
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Image via The Meta

Unlike Aim Lab,  KovaaK’s is not free. This is to the aim trainer’s detriment because it’s arguably the best aim trainer for VALORANT in terms of raw performance. However, it’s not as beginner friendly as Aim Lab, making it less than ideal for players new to aim trainers. 

KovaaK’s, despite being a premium software, has a massive community of loyal fans. Due to this, it has more in the way of customization and variety than Aim Lab. There are a lot more exercises and scenarios, making it easier to practice very specific weaknesses in your game. 

This is one of the main reasons why KovaaK’s is better than Aim Lab, but also one of the main reasons why beginners should avoid it. KovaaK’s does very little to hold your hand. Whereas Aim Lab has a useful UI and guides you towards what you should be playing - KovaaK’s doesn’t. It’s more of a sandbox full of toys that you have to arrange and calibrate yourself. 

If you’ve been training your aim for a while and are looking to make the next big jump, then KovaaK’s is the best VALORANT aim trainer for you. If you’re just starting out, though, consider getting your feet wet with Aim Lab first. 


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VALROANT Best Aim Trainers: Firing Range And Deathmatch

Best aim trainers for VALORANT - the Range.
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Image via Riot Games

Is this a copout? Yes, but it’s also true. The best aim trainer for VALORANT is, well, VALORANT. Specifically, the Range and Deathmatch. Both of these modes should be incorporated into your warmup and training routine regardless of what external trainer you use. 

Personally, I run a warmup routine on Aim Lab, then spend 5-10 minutes in the Range, then play one or two Deathmatches before I touch comp for the day.

No external trainer can mimic VALORANT exactly, meaning there will always be some sort of lag transitioning from one to the other. Training your aim in VALORANT itself gets rid of that problem. 

I’m not suggesting that your entire aim training routine should be conducted in VALORANT - far from it. However, I would recommend everybody, whether their Silver or Radiant, to train with a mix of either Aim Lab or KovaaK’s, and VALORANT itself. 

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