VALORANT update 8.03 patch notes add Esports store as well as Agent updates & bug fixes

VALORANT update 8.03 patch notes add Esports store as well as Agent updates & bug fixes
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Ben Williams


21st Feb 2024 14:00


Gamers rejoice, as the newest set of VALORANT patch notes for update 8.03 has arrived - adding not only a new Esports store feature, but a variety of fixes and agent updates as well to keep Riot's tactical shooter balanced.

There are constant adjustments to the game with regular updates tweaking the balances and improving the gameplay experience for its players, so be sure to read through this guide to be brushed up on the latest.

Expect fresh voice lines, tweaks to Chamber, and an easier way to rep your team with the esports store and a few bug fixes for good measure, too. Will Chamber finally grow into a usable Sentinel? We'll soon find out.

Agent updates


  • Riot Games has updated Breach’s voice lines and added interaction lines with Deadlock,
    Gekko, and Harbor


Continuing with the developer's recent focus on sharpening the strengths and weaknesses of the
Sentinel role, this update aims to push Chamber’s ability to hold territory with his unique
arsenal of weapons.

The changes should provide you with more access to the Headhunter
(Q) as a save or sidearm without draining your econ, and increase the clear strength of
Chamber’s ultimate compared to the Operator.

  • Headhunter (Q)
    • Price decreased 150 >>> 100
  • Tour De Force (X)
    • Firing rate increased 0.7 >>> 0.9

Chamber, who has had agent updates in the Valorant update 8.03 patch notes
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Esports store feature update

Teams tab

  • You can purchase bundles and support your favourite team from within Esports Hub
  • You can preview each Team Capsule Bundle on their respective team page

Performance updates

  • Streamlined the time from launch to the main menu appearing by removing stalls
    from that flow, which landed in Patch 8.02

Store updates

Esports Store

  • The Esports Store is live!
  • Support your favourite team with the VCT Team Capsules, accessible through a new Esports Store tab
  • Teams will earn 50% of profits from their respective Capsules
  • Each capsule contains a Classic, Gun Buddy, Player Card, and Spray

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where Agents would look like they were still nearsighted in 3rd person
    for a short period if they destroyed Reyna’s Leer (C) right after it became


  • Fixed an issue where in the end-of-game summary, kills per round were incorrectly rounding up

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed an issue in the scoreboard tab with Ultimate Charges being covered by very
    long usernames


  • Sunset
    • Adjusted fence in A Elbow to fix an issue when shooting through the top section
    • Fixed a bug where you could jump to the top of the phone booth in A Lobby
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Attackers to break Cypher’s Trapwires (C) in B Main from Mid


  • Fixed an issue in some regions where the Zone displayed in Standings did not match
    the one selected

That's everything that comes with the VALORANT update 8.03 patch notes.

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