VALORANT update 8.01 patch notes, including Breeze changes & Agent updates

VALORANT update 8.01 patch notes, including Breeze changes & Agent updates
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Harry Boulton


23rd Jan 2024 14:00

New changes are in abundance within the latest set of VALORANT patch notes, as update 8.01 is set to switch up how you play Breeze, alongside a handful of new updates to your favourite Agents.

There's always something to adjust in the game, as with so many moving parts it's expected for something to become a little unbalanced. Whether it be one Agent that's a little too powerful, or an aspect of a map that just isn't working, you'll always find something's been tweaked when the next VALORANT patch rolls around.

Map updates


  • A Hall has been reopened

Image of A Halls on Breeze in VALORANT after being opened up
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Agent updates


  • Guiding Light (E)
    • Guiding Light no longer regenerates charges during a round
    • Guiding Light now automatically activates the flash at the end of its lifetime
  • Seekers (X)
    • When a Seeker gets close to its target, the target player will now get a yellow directional warning indicator


  • Double Trap (E)
    • Shootable orb duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds
    • Initial buff and shield duration increased from 15 to 20
    • Shield width reduced from 120 to 100
  • Contingency (C)
    • Cost reduced from 250 to 200


  • Blast Pack (Q)
    • Audio for Raze travelling through the air with Blast Pack is now louder when she is travelling towards you

Image of the VALORANT update 8.01 patch rundown
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Gameplay systems update

  • Jump throw lineup behaviour is more consistent and reproducible
    • Projectiles thrown within 100ms of a jump start will consistently have the same amount of velocity and land in the same location

Performance updates

  • Improved boot and match load times by optimising file IO performance

Player behaviour updates

  • Added additional details to the behavioural messaging system to improve clarity and visibility into the Terms of Service and Penalties and Bans FAQ

Bug fixes


  • Gekko
    • Fixed a bug where occasionally Thrash's (X) explosion was blocked from
      affecting enemies due to corners of geometry
  • Iso
    • After eliminating practice bots in the Range, Iso’s energy orbs will now spawn. They will still not spawn in Shooting Tests
  • Reyna
    • After eliminating practice bots in the Range, Reyna’s Soul Orbs will now spawn. They will still not spawn in Shooting Tests

Gameplay systems

  • Fixed an issue when transitioning from inspect to scope using the Outlaw
  • Fixed bullet tracers with Chamber’s Tour De Force (X) and the Operator when
    penetrating through corners
  • Fixed a minimap visual issue where when you first load into a match, it showed a similar VFX to Omen’s From The Shadows (X)
  • Fixed an issue where the Spike’s white circle indicator on the minimap did not appear when Spike was dropped on the edge of someone’s minimap


  • Breeze
    • Fixed a bug where the A Hall Door was starting in the open position
  • Lotus
    • Fixed a bug where you could stand on top of the crumbled pillar on C Site
  • Icebox
    • Fixed a bug where you could stand on the container in B Green
  • Split
    • Fixed a bug where you could stand on a vent in B Garage


  • Team Deathmatch
    • Fixed a bug where, if the Outlaw was picked up from a weapon spawner, it had no reserve ammunition


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Premier Standings to not load your zone/division the first time you click into it
  • Fixed a bug that was causing teams to not appear on the Standings tab right after their Season Match

That wraps up the latest changes arriving in the game's 8.01 update, but make sure to check out our VALORANT homepage for guides like the best crosshair codes, and a rundown of the ranking system.

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