How to level up & get XP fast in VALORANT

How to level up & get XP fast in VALORANT
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Morgan Truder


28th Mar 2024 14:35

As is standard with many online games now, VALORANT also boasts a battle pass that progressively unlocks by completing tasks and earning XP. However, if you’re strapped for time, it’s important to know the fastest ways to earn XP so you can successfully level up the battle pass in the process. 

The game's battle pass has both a free section and a paid section, offering a variety of different rewards from skins to in-game currency, so chances are if you’re a dedicated player, then you will want to get all of the goodies on offer. 

How to gain XP fast 

By using the different methods below, you should accumulate XP at a healthy rate in VALORANT:

Completing daily challenges

Cypher in Valorant
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Daily challenges offer up to 4,000 XP if you complete them, with the amount depending on the day. The way this is measured is in checkpoints, and you'll have four checkpoints to complete on a daily basis worth 1,000 XP each. 

Every checkpoint is worth four charges, so that means there is a total of 16 chargers to be earned. Depending on which mode you play, the charges will be earned at a different rate:

  • Two daily XP charges per match of Spike Rush, Escalation, or Team Deathmatch
  • One daily XP charge per round won of Unrated, Swiftplay, Competitive, or Premier

Complete weekly challenges

There are three missions that can be completed each week, and again, these will vary on what you need to do, ranging from killing enemies to using ultimates. Fortunately, if you have a few weeks off of playing, it's okay, because these challenges will stack - unlike the dailies. 

Playing modes (and winning) 

Outside of that, you'll also be able to gain XP simply by playing the game. However, certain modes do offer more XP than others so below I’ve ranked the different modes from best to worst for grinding: 

  • Swiftplay 
  • Deathmatch 
  • Casual
  • Competitive 
  • Spike Rush 
  • Replication 
  • Escalation 

Something to consider with the above modes is that some of them are longer than others, so although Swiftplay will offer more XP, you can breeze through Deathmatches much faster.

If you purchase the premium battle pass, you’ll also receive an extra little XP boost during games, and as always, if you win you, will get even more of it. 

Valorant gameplay
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How else can you earn XP in VALORANT?

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you will also get an extra 20% XP boost, so there are massive gains to be had here.

On top of the XP boost, Game Pass grants players every Agent release in the game, so there are plenty of benefits to using the service for VALORANT players. 

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