VALORANT run and gun nerf explained: All error power & centre biasing changes

VALORANT run and gun nerf explained: All error power & centre biasing changes
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Harry Boulton


5th Jun 2023 13:35


The upcoming VALORANT 6.11 patch appears to have a run and gun nerf hiding inside of it, which might mess with the playstyle of many aggressive players. One of the biggest differences between VALORANT and a game like CS:GO is the increased flexibility you have to move when shooting, but this looks to be changing soon.

Centre biasing - internally known as error power - is the system that somewhat forgives the inaccuracy penalty you receive when moving, meaning that your shots will deviate more towards the centre in the game.

This all looks to be changing, however, so if you're wanting to have the new VALORANT run and gun nerf explained all you need to do is continue reading the rest of this guide below.

VALORANT run and gun nerf explained

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The crux of the new VALORANT run and gun nerf comes in the adjustment to centre biasing, meaning that guns will be less accurate if fired when moving, as shots will deviate further from the centre of the crosshair.

This won't affect your accuracy when shooting if you are walking or stationary, and thus will exclusively downgrade the 'run and gun' playstyle that many players have adopted.

There also seems to be an additional nerf to shooting while on ascenders and ziplines, so you could be caught in a tight spot if you happen to engage in a gunfight while riding. While this specific change might not have a huge effect on the meta, it is still something to consider in your matches going forward.

What is centre biasing in VALORANT?

Centre biasing - otherwise referred to as error power is an internal system within VALORANT that rewards accuracy by biasing your shots towards the centre of the crosshair. This meant that - even while moving - your shots would tend to trend towards where you've aimed, as a reward for players who have still managed to aim at their targets correctly.

This led to the run-and-gun playstyle being viable in certain scenarios, which has been one of the biggest differentiating factors between VALORANT and other games of its kind.

You were able to make more aggressive plays and make yourself harder to hit in certain scenarios by making micro movements when shooting, but this looks to be drastically changing so you might be in for a shock.

When are the run and gun nerfs coming to VALORANT?

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As per the most recent PBE, the VALORANT run and gun nerfs will be arriving with patch 6.11, which should drop on June 6, 2023.

That means there's really not long to wait until the changes go live, so you'd better get all of the running and gunning that you can in before the patch drops, as you won't be able to rely on it any more after that.

So, that wraps up this guide on the VALORANT run and gun nerf, giving you a full explainer of the changes and when they are coming too.

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